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2022.07.02 @20:00 UTC



Saturday night/ Sunday morning for some, shall be the next installment of FUN FLEEEEEEEEET.  This time we honor the independence of all citizens of all nations, cultures and Identities. Come One and Come All!

This time we are gonna shake things up a bit. 

All Past FrakkinFunFleets shall be ACTIVATED for this romp. 

IE: Attack BattleCruisers, Combat Battlecruisers, All Previous accepted Battleships, BLOPS, All Battleships not accepted previously, ETC ETC ETC.

Giveaways and some spicy gang action may or may not happen as well.

No change in logistics, so don't ask. Ships stop at Battleship Class, so don't EVEN Dare try the orca, bowhead crap.

Requirements for ships to be invite-able are:

1.) Resist Profile(67% OMNI), Propulsion accordingly.

2.) Contribute to fleet(GUNS, LAUNCHERS, DISINTEGRATORS as well as DRONES)

3.) The Voice FC has Supreme Say So.  No Arguments or pilots will be punished by flying our normal accepted ships.

4.) Fireworks are reserved for people that have been personally approved to do so.:D

and last but not the least;

HAVE FUN, DONT DIE and above all


Disclaimer: any and all ships accepted that are not under normal fleet rulings are non-srpable. Any questions, donations or general howdy do's send to Den Talidar in game. Lets all make this a great year for us, Eve and of course, WarpToMe INcursions!


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