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Hear Ye, Hear Ye!


His Royal Highass, Consumer of Chili Fries, The Often Duplicated & Never Replicated, Talidar. 

Is hereby inviting any and all on 03/22/2022 @0300UTC to this newest Joust Of Frakkin Fun within the current Focus.

This Frakkin Fun Fleet shall bring more to the table than anyone could hope for.  

Frakkin Attack BattleCruisers ( Talos, Tornado, Naga and Oracles) shall be the choice prime. However the ship MUST meet the SHIELD Resist Threshold to be viable.

All Frakkin Past Battleships that were allowed into WTM are also allowed as well.  IE: Navy Scorp*torp, Rohk*rail or blast, Navy Mega*rail or blast, Apoc/Arma/Abaddon*pulse AND Leshak. With respects to the their bonus's to their hulls in regards to Weaponry to be fitted correctly.  Resist Required.

And Lastly, the Grand Entrance of Frakkin Railguns that can be afforded to Krony and Vind-ky.  Some, not all, will be invited in fit such a way. 

Reminder HQ RESIST REQUIREMENTS are in effect.  Frakkin Ships shall be invited, after requirement is met, in the order listed above. (AtkBC>PastBS>Rails)

No Cruisers, frigs, ETC. which means no Frakkin Logi this time around, so don't ask. Normal Logistics only accepted.

Punch and Pie along with some interesting prizes to be afforded to those in Frakkin Ships as well as those in the Normal Ships.

BE Safe, Have Fun and remember...



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I would love to fly a Railgun Naga in this fleet. But I live in UTC+1 and have to be at work at 07:00.

I wish you a lot of fun!!!

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Btw my Birthday is in 3.5 hours, so I just might bring the Rokh one more time

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