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Imelda Virpio

Advanced Logi School, 11/14, 01:00 hours.

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In Tidacha, our current dockup. There won't be a new spawn up yet, Tidacha is pretty central for incursions so it's a good place to wait between spawns anyway.

This is essentially the same advanced logi school I did a couple of weeks ago, a bit more developed. A lot of this turns out to be about *delay*; we've got enough reps on field, why does it take as long as it does to get them on people? How do we get that to happen faster? Also, I've got things set up for the exercises I couldn't do last time; they should be at least a little bit of fun. You'll see what your reps actually *do*.

Topics I've got written down are

threads: delay, teamwork

Steady state
Verbal Commands and Timing
Landing, and the landing checklist
The Steak Thing
Switches, and the switch checklist
The sawtooth function, or, why we decycle
That fourth link
Cap broadcasts
Outunis, and neuts in general
"Elite" fits
Finding the Sandbag

- Orbit distances
- Burning your reps
- What does a rep look like?, battleship edition
- What does a rep look like?, fun edition

You can show up without a logi ship; if you can find an afterburner cruiser with at least one large rep that would be a good step, but it's mostly just talkin'.

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