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Malcolm Galora

Golem Now Accepted

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WTM has decided to reintroduce the Golem to the line up with the following stipulations:

  • For the time being due to its different skills and the methods WTM uses for skill checks, prospective Golem pilots will need to apply for the Golem badge. If a pilot already has the normal Bastion badge they only need to apply for skill check and can skip the training section.
  • Golem pilots will be sorted into the DPS queue instead of the Marauder queue, as we still have preference for the turret boats. So Golems will not be getting the priority invites like the other Marauders get.
  • Reiterating that last point, Kronos, Paladin, and Vargur are still more preferred, but if a pilot can only fly the Golem, then it is still considered Optimal, alongside the Vindicator.
  • The following skills will be required for the Golem (separate from the other Marauders required turret skills):
    • Spoiler

      Missile Launcher Operation V
      Missile Bombardment IV
      Missile Projection V
      Guided Missile Precision IV
      Target Navigation Prediction IV
      Rapid Launch V
      Warhead Upgrades IV
      Torpedo Specialization IV


  • The Golem will have its own ship specific guide as training material. Linked here.

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