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Imelda Virpio

Advanced Logi School, 10/31, 16:30 hours.

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The usual "Logi School" for WTM is basically a longer version of the newbro speech logi get, with some obsolete detail about the cap chain for basilisks. I've said what I have to say about that in (1). I'd been flying the basilisk for three or four years when I wrote that, which may tell you something about me and logistics ships.

This is going to be something different. I've talked about most of this stuff in fleet at one time or another, but never gathered it up into one place before. The main topics in my notes are

threads: time, cap, teamwork, the opposite of teamwork
Steady state
Verbal Commands and Timing
The Steak Thing
The sawtooth function, or, why we decycle
That fourth link
Cap broadcasts
Outunis, and neuts in general
"Elite" fits
Finding the Sandbag

- Orbit distances
- Burning your reps
- What does a rep look like?, battleship edition
- What does a rep look like?, fun edition

This will start at 1630 EVE time on October 31, just about twelve hours after the spawn probably dies. It'll take about seventy minutes including the exercises. In the unlikely event that a spawn shows up during the thing, we can do the in-ship bits and then I'll keep babbling while everybody packs up and moves.

If you don't have a logistics ship, you can do the in-ship stuff with any cruiser fitted with a couple of shield reps and an afterburner; Scythe or Osprey are  pretty obvious candidates, and Dodixie's right over there.



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