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WTM Upgrade freebie program

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My program consist upgrading WTM players ships and fits. Modules and ammo will be included, anyone in WTM can request what they need. ONLY for WTM purpose only, you can join my ingame channel WTM Upgrade freebie program. Ty all :)

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Spoke to me earlier regarding freebies to wtm fleet upgrade. While this is not an official WTM program; I believe hes doing this out of his own goodwill. However big ticket modules however will given only once or twice per spawn to keep johen croes isk balance healthy. So all such request please direct to Cass Lockheart evemail. Should anyone attempt to hijack this goodwill; rest assured I will make sure you will face consequences.

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Love this idea,

Am willing to throw some spare mods at this.

Perhaps a buy back program, as in when you upgrade from newbro/Alpha fits you can sell back to the newbro freebie program in order to perpetuate the program...

Additional qualifiers.

1 not for alts.

2. For newbro who is performing well in fleet. No point upgrading of the upgrade goes to waste.

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Additional qualifiers
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