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Sandbagging, what is it and why can I get banned?

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I have a seen a lot of questions about sandbagging in both WTM local and the fleet chat and I am here to explain why you can get banned for it. Multiple explanations have been given, but the one used in EVE online is as follows:

Sandbagging, when a player in a game chooses (on purpose) to not do their best. Usually this means because they are lazy, but it can have other reasons, such as they think they are superior or want to just hustle the you or in this case, the whole fleet. Don't take sandbagging lightly. Not following the Fleet Commanders' orders, can immensely slow down the fleet, certainly in cases of heavy contesting. Warping slowly, not activating your Microwarpdrive on time or not at all, dropping your drones late or not at all, not cycling your guns or just cycling 1 gun, instead of 8 of them are all symptoms of sandbagging. 

Yes, this is a serious issue and easy to spot. Fleet Commanders will purposefully check if you have your drones out, shooting your guns and moving your ship to the appropriate anchor positions. Personally, I believe anyone who sandbags, on purpose or not, deserves a kick from fleet without a warning and a ban from the community as a second penalty. I am no commander, but believe me that it's a serious offense.

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