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Thank you to all the medical field workers

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Hello Everyone,


Due to the current situation that’s going on in the world, people in the medical field are putting insane hours to fight the Covid-19 virus. To show our appreciation, we would like to gift all of the medical staff that fly with Warp To Me 1 month of omega (500 PLEX).


The current list of people I know that work in the medical field as doctors,nurses,etc… are:





Please reach out to Thrawn Lannister if you work in the medical field aswell and ISK Maintenance will send you one month of OMEGA aswell


Thank you again for everything

ISK Maintenance Managment

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My wife works in health care (supporting the nurses and doctors).  She and her colleagues are doing amazing work.

Be nice to any medico (or health worker) you meet - your life may well depend on it.

Great initiative from WTM to give them a free month.  I'll happily donate ISK to the cause if I can.

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