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Mad Anii

Gankers - Please travel fit between focuses

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Can this be added to new bro speech & guides please? Just to let them know how to protect 1 of their most valuable assets.

When moving between Incursion Focuses...

Gankers are out there in high sec, you are not safe - please be sure to remove all your bling/expensive modules and move them with a fast moving, cloaking ship. T2 tank your incursion ship & they wont bother you - fit as many of these as you can 1600mm Steel Plates II, Large Shield Extender II, Adaptive Invulnerability Field II, Reinforced Bulkheads II. Turn off your guns if you are unable to fit all of these. Fill up all your mids and lows.

If you remove your bling/expensive modules, you are not worth being ganked. The gankers need to kill something more expensive than their own ships. So just don't be a target for them.

Warp Core Stabilizers don't help you, they can kill a bling battleship in 10-15 seconds before Concord arrive. They tend to bump your ship out of alignment too so you can't warp.

Every time a Focus changes and we travel to the next, multiple WTM pilots lose their ships because they do not do the above.

Main systems with gankers all the time = Uedama and Niajra. They can kill you anywhere in high sec with enough of them.

Good luck to all ♥

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