miss you guys

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I'm still alive.

Really miss you guys, just been having a tough year looking for work.

I hope to get back into the game in the next few months and rejoin the community and make memes videos and climb the ladder up again...

If some of you would like to become friends, contact me , add me on steam, or something, message me ! I'll be on eve as soon as i finally get a job.

Sorry for disappearing like that. I made some great friends in wtm and loved chatting and gaming with you. great community. I hope you guys are all still playing.


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Miss you too @Darthun, wish you Great Luck and Great Fortune finding yourself that RL isk \m/

"I may know a guy - who knows a guy, who needs a guy : that does not shy from doing "jobs"

Alls it requires is a strong stomach, and hushed mouth. - ohhh, and not bein' easily intim'dated by the boys in blue."



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