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WTB abyssal leshak parts

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The SRP corp is setting up a giveaway of somekind yet to be totally determined sometime around Christmas.  I am building a pimped out leshak and am interested in procuring some abyssal mods.

1x Entropic Radiation SInks
1x MWD
1x LSE

I have no problem with purchaing these items from the SRP but also have no problem with anyone that would like to donate a good roll abyssal mod, hull, or t2 gun for those involved in production.

Anyone who has something they would like me to look at to see if it will work for my build may comment here or send me an ingame mail with a link.

Sandman Logan3
SRP Manager

Update 1:  Bought a few parts already, one of the 2 big things i was gonna be picky about got gold on the first offering, sweet sweet dcu.  absolutely killer.  the other is prop mod i am going to be picky about i want this leshak to be the dream shak everyone wants just wont pay for.  lol


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