MJ Vyvorant

WTS Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizers

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Selling a couple Abyssal Magnetic Field Stabilizers, Kindly contact in game MJ Vyvorant

1.129x/12.8%/29.5% and 26.7 tf  (Offer) (lost it)

1.110x/12.5%/26.9% and 18.0 tf  (190 Million)
1.121x/11.6%/26.7% and 25.1 tf (160 Million)
1.107x/12.3%/26.3% and 42.8 tf (150 Million)
1.108x/12.2%/26.2% and 43.4 tf (150 Million)
1.137x/9.1%/25.0% and 24.9 tf (Giveaway)


Sorry had to use 2 of these for my own vindi. If anyone still interested PM MJ Vyvorant in game

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