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Armor Slapping. & Strategy. For those who are new, mostly :)

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Right then, shield tanking.

The shield is tanked. 19/20 it works and reps land on time.  Hurrah!

Then you get that one time in 20 when you hit armor ( or even hull ).

It happens.  It's why our Logi carry Armor bots.

Armor-Slapping is buffer being used.  We're all tanked so that our shield holds mostly, but the Sansha can do 'smashes' & 'wrecking shots' too.  And that is what usually takes a well-timed broadcast ( on time ) into armor.  Damage spikes are damage spikes.

It's just how it is.  Don't undock what you can't afford to lose.  EVE rule 1.  So...

Here are a couple of strategies to help here.

1)  A nice ship.

1 nice ship, that is good & reliable, can earn you great ISK.  Enough to get you up to about 5b isk in liquid ISK, as you also upgrade your Hull.  Obviously WTM likes people upgrading their Hulls, so we're all good.  And it is true that a decent set of invulns ( 130k ehp instead of 100k ehp, as an example ) can save the day.

But you have to move that ship around.  And thar be Gankers.  So...


2) Number 2 is the travel fit.  Take all your shinies out of your lows, then use those lows to ramp up your ehp as high as possible.  Gankers like 0.5's & 0.6's, so that is where you use a travel fit.  In fact use said travel fit any time you move your ship.  Bulkheads in the lows are the easiest, but if you have Armor skills you might get more ehp out by using those Armor skills. Membranes, plates, it all adds up.  It might take you higher than a bulkhead fit.


3)  Number 3 is about escort vessels.  The pros run two accounts at the same time, and one of those toons can help the other.  With safety on Green you can rep a ship being ganked if you are in the same fleet.  So your highs are filled with remote shield reps.  Escort reps main, or main reps escort.  Who-ever takes fire starts the concord timer.  They can kill the cheap escort, and the nice ship makes it through; or they can fail to kill the nice ship because the escort propped it up enough.  In a 0.5 they have 22 seconds before Concord wins.  A few extra reps on your shiny toy can save the day.

Escort vessels have their uses.


4)  For the proper regular flyers.  A bowhead in each empire.  Just the hauler to start with, but as you pick up bits & bobs you can do it properly.  This one is for those who see Incursions as space-mining.  So they do Incursion Fleet a lot.  And a Bowhead in each empire means the hulls can be hauled without going through major gank-zones.  You only really need 1-2 sets of shinies to fit out your ship.  You could have a Vindi & Scimi in each empire, in a Bowhead; with 1 nice set of invulns & damage mods you move about in a smaller cloaky 'thingy' ( Sisters of EVE 'haulers' are fun ).

With this one you always have a scout.  2 accounts.  But it does make life easier when you can move your Hanger.


5)  Know your Hulls.  Scimies & Leshaks are vulnerable to heavy salvos from the Sansha taking out their shield layer real fast.  I've had it, and so have others.  Rule 1 of EVE is about not undocking in a ship you can't afford to lose, but number 2 IMHO is about choosing your ship wisely.

If you know you can be a bit slow to respond ( like me at times, as I am a disabled-in-real-life pilot ) then adjust for that.  I did mention the decent invulns after all.


6)  Too tired to fly.  Yeah, just take the hint.  There is no profit in getting yourself or someone else killed.




But yes, Armor-slapping happens.  Think yourself lucky that that armor is there, and has an anti-laser bias in it's resists :)



Fly safe :)


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