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Ram Jam. Rammed & Jammed. - Was; Fleet Efficiency.

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Intel update, tied to this thread on Fleet Efficiency.


At present we have NGA, Ditanian, us, and what looks like a second Armor Fleet, all vying for 4 HQ sites.  240 in Local.

It's a bit of a squeeze.


Do we split the fleet, if FC's are available, to get our Pilots better ISK per hour?  Obviously a very big question.

I am in favour, as we are not a contest fleet.  I'll even be able to help, as I know I can FC VG's from my days in Null.  So I'll be working for WTM.


Am I the only one with this view?

This new play by CCP is a big one. Only one High Sec Focus, with potentially 2 days between spawns, means we have to be as efficient as possible to get our ISK'ies.

It's just a debate, as I am not high command ( obviously ), but let the debate commence!


*runs & hides behind the sofa with a tin hat on*

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It's in the evening when we seem to slow down. EU time-zone.  Afternoons is some good flying.


2 VG's and an Assault would mean some fast stuff with the VG's, and a more-chilled-out Assault crowd.  DItanian were genuinely afraid of TVP at VG level.

Just strategy :)



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