Saleen Caledra

Abyssal Entropic Rad Sinks

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Hey, i got a few abyssal entropics for sale for our Leshak Bros

Contact me via EVE MAIL, or convo Anarion Highborn - 15% discount for WTM Buyers!

All contracts are up under Saleen Caledra, accept the contract and evemail me and ill send back 15% of cost!

Sink 1:

Mod 1.128

ROF 8.31%

CPU 34.96

Price 450m


Sink 2:

Mod 1.136

ROF 7,38%

CPU 32.98

Price 155m


Sink 3:

Mod 1.138

ROF 7,46%

CPU 38,18

Price 155m


Sink 4:

Mod 1.121

ROF 7,10%

CPU 38,89

Price 100m


Sink 5:

Mod 1.124

ROF 7.03%

CPU 35,49

Price 85m

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