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Den Talidar

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Yesterday our own @Den Talidar suffered the lost of his mother.  As someone whos called him a friend for years my heart breaks for him.  Sparta has generiously thrown me isk for 3 months of plex and i am opening the donation basket for anyone who would like to chip in.  any donations can be sent to my alt Logan Toruk.  i am accepting isk and plex in all shapes sizes and amounts.  Its times like this that wtm never lets me down and we help hold up folks when they need it the most.  

Den is a past officer and has been a commander off and on for about 4y.  


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Ladies and Gentlemen;

     A rather large bear hug and thank you to all those who have expressed their sympathies for this.  Mother was a vibrant human, if she did not like you she made it known as the opposite was true as well.  Made friends wherever she was.  When a stroke hit her, some years ago, her health was a roller coaster.  44 years as a wife, 43 years as a mother or two boys and young at heart individual.  Time has been rough on me and my father this past week but the timing could not have been better as it was World Pride in NYC and throughout the world when she passed on and that is the memory that will make me smile...That She Rode Off Into The Blue, Riding A Rainbow.  

     Again, Much Gratitude to everyone that sent well wishes through here or ingame.  The energy is still being felt as one writes this.  

Remember: Keep smiling and look forward as the memories are in the past to guide us toward the future.



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