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Victor Victor Veritas

Logi Tactics And Wisdom, Found this: Helped me \m/

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\m/ <3 \m/
Hey WTM<3
I Found this, while trying to soak up wisdom from all sources. Here are some links : Part 1 and 2.
I know these videos helped me out greatly, to improve muscle memory efficiency, and i have incorporated it into how I play.
I am thankful for all the wisdom/tips that are already posted all over the forum,  as well as what has been shared with me in WTM, so
I started this thread to help NewBro's and anyone else who wants to become a Logend; my'self included.
We love Logi's, and In My Humble Opinion its 2nd place fun only to Being a Vindi with 2 webs <3.
"Logi's are Legends"
I <3 Logi
If you have Tips to share! share them below!

Without Further Ado Part 1:
                                 Part 2:

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Fantastic logi!

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