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John d'Alsace

New Bro Speech Addition?

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Good morning all,

Could we ask the FC's to add 1 or 2 sentences to the New Bro Speech?

"Read me the last thing in the Fleet History Tab" or "Read me the 1st word in the last broadcast"


"You need to keep this tab open and be looking for Align and WarpTo commands"


I only mention it because a couple of times, if the new bro joins right at a TCRC, there was some struggle to get them out safely.

Thanks for your time and consideration,


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I mention it right after they broadcast in position. I say something along the lines of how you just broadcasted in position is similar to how you would broadcast for shields, from the window, always keep it up and open. Always avoid broadcasting hotkeys like the plague. Then I ramble on for about 65 more minutes about the importance of Beer in the diet.

Nevertheless, plus one do what John said.

Edited by Vargon Penken

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