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Warp to Me 6th Anniversary

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One more year in the books.  This past week marks our 6th year and as far as public communities go this is pretty big and we owe it to each and every one of yall that choose to fly with us and on behalf of the Warpto SRP Corporation i sincerly thank each and every one of yall.  I would like to take a moment and personally thank @Sparta for being one of the founders that makes this shit show possible.  Yes i say that with a giant grin on my face not only because this is my chosen content but for giving me a home and a family that means just as much to me as my RL family.  For those of yall that are not aware sparta has recently decided to take a few steps back and retire.  Hes has passed management to me of our SRP corp and in game channels.  Im still settling in on this job and making it my own but our anniversary is going to be big. 

I have asked one of our commanders to help and be the SRP Corps represenative and act as our loot fairly.  That individual will be making their presence known in fleet and doing some random giveaways as a thank you for helping make this place special.  And we are just getting started.  To give yall an idea we will be starting with some upgrade modules for logi and battleships alike and doing our best to make sure we spread the weath across as many time zones as possible.  As the next couple weeks pass we are going to be stepping it up and going with bigger upgrades, hulls, maybe even some fit hulls and finishing off with something big i havnt decided yet.  These will all be in fleet prizes.  If your not in fleet, you cant win.  

So again, on behalf of myself and every single commander here, or has ever served here, Thank you.  Yall make this worth doing.  

Sandman Logan3
Warpto SRP 


Update 4/2/2019:  As an update my loot fairy is working their way thru 3b worth of upgrade mods there has also been 2 vindis and a months plex given away.

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@WalterHaut i am going to run a fleet in about 5-6 hours and get smashed and give stuff away should be fun. 

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