Bryan Zumot

Banned from ingame channel

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Hi, I'm returning to Eve Online, used to play a lot from 2015-2016.

This probably isn't the best place for this, but anyway returning to the game, I was planning on starting to run incursions again since I used to do it a decent amount during that period but I am unable to join the in-game channel, assuming that I got banned.  I don't know the reason that I would have been banned since I had been running with WtM as my main incursion group at that time and I have not played since I stopped in 2016.

Character "Bryan Zumot"

I would appreciate any help you could give me, even if it's just a reason for the ban since I am pretty sure I wasn't banned while I was still playing the game and can't think of a reason I would have been anyway.

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I cannot find any records of your ban and therefore have no idea why you might have been banned all those years ago. You are unbanned and welcome to come fly with us again. Sorry for the hang up. 

Hope to see you in fleet!

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