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Hello all; Good Luck and Fortune to'ya.

   I am hoping Vindi Vets and DPS Vets add some of their wisdom on top of this, and please  take the liberty to correct anything as they see prudent. I fell in love with WTM culture of newbro friendly, ISK faucets of fun: I started this thread to remark on some of the things i picked up and allow info to be spread to newbro's (including me'self)

  •   As DPS, whether your in an Optimal Ship, or a Starter: remember the fleet counts on us: being efficient in removing dangerous DPS tags from the field, as We are the Sword of the fleet. Our DPS targets are chosen with Wisdom behind it. The faster we Pop the Sansha, the faster our fleet will be in a safer state.  I hope to stay on topic by sticking to Maneuvering, Web calls, and general info

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Maneuvering -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  •  The VVV Anchor should always be on  your watchlist, easy right? But what happens when FC calls tag 1+2 outini/auga/deltole and you have no anchor in the pocket? BURN BABY BURN! (Turn on your MWD) You do not need to be attached by the hip especially at the beggining of a room (exeption TCRC) remember almost all FC's want Focus fire 1-X so you will generally be in the same place as the anchor anyhow.
  • As a Blaster ship, you must close to the enemy Sansha to hit them effectively. So in every beggining of each room, You should be anchoring on your DPS Tags. Pay attention to how many DPS tags are left, as you Should be Keeping at Range on your Anchor when DPS tags are low, or when FC calls for DPS burn to anchor spots

 This applies in 1st rooms where the sancha are already on field, tags are up, and DPS is warping in: What I do 1st (example TPPH turn left go fast) i am spam  'E+Click' on tag 1 and as soon as i see warp meter ~40% i hit my MWD to start the burn.  Then start locking your tags, i find im already hitting max speed just as the rest of the tags come in -Just remember the closing rate is fast! don't Bump nor overshoot your target (~20k out kill your MWD)  and keep spamming that keep at range so you do not 'bump the targets'  If your not still burnin' you can actually start to "keep at range"(E+click) to Tag 2, IF T2 is within 10k and IF Tag one(T1) is webbed.. this will help you apply more dps to T1 as you slowboat to T2(tag two) Get familliar with the Keep at range mechanic, as you get more experienced you'll notice how to apply more efficient DPS, and help the fleet and you make more ISK/hr as well as BE safer. - Eve University has a great thread on Transversals, angular velocity, and general gun dynamics, as a blaster you could benefit greatly from checking it out <>

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Webs-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Precall webs
  • Webs help the whole fleet, especially DPS squad; in the pre-spawned pockets,  down to when your VVV brings you to the next spawn, you want as many DPS targets webbed down as possible.  - don't call webs after you web them imho    -i would suggest precalling webs, it allows your fellow DPS to not waste time switching web targets wasting precious cooldown seconds. Be aware and know what will be in web range, and what will not. If your gonna lose a web on something, call it. WTM culture will not mind if you were mistaken, if you call "6 got away" it may allow another dps to try and catch it. Foshkey wrote an excellent article  (that includes pictures) regarding BS that need webs that are doing 100m/s or more. Dont forget if BS are webbed, go for them cruisers (Rommi's usually) as well, and help the HHH out.  
  • Remember when the FC calls for 'DPS burn your anchor spots' turn your MWD on and keep at range on your anchor (Be aware not to bump any objects (Tower, Rocks, etc), the fleet and your VVV needs Your blasters and webs ready and in range for the next wave.* again Spread those webs! Precall, and if there are no tags yet, STILL WEB. You can coordinate what you have webbed when the tag numbers appear.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tips-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                             

  • Vylaids DONT NEED WEBS (Fiona helped me know that) apparently they have no acceleration module.    
  • While your webbing, remember to keep focus fire on your DPS Tags 1-X  
  • Don't chase after tag 9's when the rest of the dps targets are killed. You should be K.A.R on your anchor when there are 2-3dps tags left. 
  • Remember Shoot in order. In a TPPH Final Room, Tag 9's Or Z's Ostingales are the Trigger for the next wave. It is important to not be shooting 9 or Z when 7-8 are still alive, or X Y If the final Osti's are killed before the rest, there is a good chance you and your Fellow DPS members will not be waiting in ambush for the Next Wave spawn.
  • PRECALL Them Webs!
  • Remembrer to shut your MWD when you are done using acceleration to close to targets. or when your done moving
    Tactical Overlay Helps me out in maneuvering around the field the Default hotkey is (Alt-D)  You can also find a Press-button Bottom left of your Capacitor GUI
  • Keep and mind: listen to your FC! If the FC calls full fleet Arnons + Outini, or DPS Auga Outini Deltole Start locking them! You Do Not need tags to lock Primary targets,  When FC calls primaries you can lock the primaries and then lock the rest of your DPS tags when the numbers arive.
  • Remember to keep focusing fire. Just be aware if you accidentally lock a sniper target to Unlock them. You want to help your DPS squad crush your targets before you hear Hoover telling the Snipers to "help the lazy dps out" we laugh as snipers are our friendly rivals.
  • No worries about burning to final tags when there is another spawn to come, as it is much more important to be in position for the next wave
  • Your 2 types of ammo will almost always be Long Range, or Short range. Try to pay attention to how far your targets will be, and Load the Appropriate ammo for the Task at hand. You can be firing Null(long Range) while they are outside of Optimal Range for Short Range, And to Void (short range) when close (Usually within 12k) Remember it takes 5 seconds to reload

  I have a blast flying with WTM (pun intended) these are just tips i gathered from learning, they are not manditory (exception: for DPS burn to your anchor spots, be with your VVV) I apologize in advance for any typos, as this was done from mobile device. Good luck n Fortune, I shall see you in Fleet! --VVR

P.S  Whether you are a Hyperion, rohk, or vindi -* if you have blasters*- and have any questions or would like to know more feel free to message me me in game mail, or give me a poke on TS "Victor Victor Rothwulf" - Me' door is open if im around. And I will find the time.

"Make them sansha's go No-whear!"

Edited by Victor Victor Veritas
Help. And again from mobile. Will update when on comp
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Victor this is a fantastic write up - really captures what we try to do as commanders. 

I love all of these tips, and encourage everyone to add to it as you see fit. 

Thank you for being part of our community! 

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@Victor Victor Veritas very nice write up here, cool to see such care taken from someone not in command core. Good to see a "line pilot" that really gives a damn. Maybe it will be time soon for some other badges to add to your list :). Keep up the good work and its always a pleasure having you in fleet. 

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Thank you all, sincerely.

  And i actually wanted to kick it off by asking: and recognizing that There are a lot of variables to account for; asides from a TCRC, and a "full fleet arnons" (as i imagine webs will help the Snipers Tracking,  as well as DPS')  :

  -What is the concensus regaurding DPS  skipping webs over T1(tag one) in favor of T2-T10 to prevent the higher tags from running away? 

-Or is it best to web All DPS tags T1-web limit, As the slower the sansha move the higher the applied damage which pops them faster. I figure there is a wealth of wisdom that somone has already tested it. Cause I am in favor at what pops targets/waves quicker. Thank you in advance for input.

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Posted (edited)

Very well written Victor. Good Job!
I liked your idea for a brief summary of the tactics we use. It will be really useful for the new pilots. Here's something from me, specifically for the Vindicator pilots (my favorite ship) ;)

TPPH – Vindicator (DPS)

First Room
Be sure you got NULL loaded and <keep at range> is set to 5000m.
After you land, turn left, turn on MWD, click Outuni Mesen or Ostingele Tectum and then click <keep at range>.

NOTE: 1.Do not approach NPC’s at 0! Do not bump them! Turn off MWD when you get to 20km.
            2.Don’t forget to broadcast for shields if you are yellow boxed and for capacitor if you got Ottuni.
            3.Do not launch Heavy drones if FC say it.

Lock Auga’s and start shooting them following tags.
Launch your drones and assign them.
Start locking Outuni Mesen  and Ostingele’s.
When Auga’s are down, swap to Void.
When you reach webbing range of Outuni/Ostingele’s, start webbing and shooting them in order.
Call what you webbing. If your target is already webbed/called, switch to next one.
Approach them, shoot and kill them, following the FC order/tags.
When last Ostingele left on grid, start approaching Acceleration gate.
If there are still frigates on grid, start locking and webbing them. Swap ammo if needed.
Approach the gate. Turn off MWD and align down the gate, when FC say it.
Take the gate only when FC call it and swap to NULL.

NOTE: 1.Use Q to align! Do not use gate for that!
             2.Do not Leeroy gates!


Second Room
After you land, turn on MWD, click Deltole Tegmentum or Ostingele Tectum and then click <keep at range>.
Lock Auga and start shooting it.
Launch your drones and assign them.
Start Locking Deltole, Ostingele’s and Romi’s.
When you reach webbing range start webbing and shooting them (With VOID). Follow FC order/tag’s.
If Romis are in your web range, web/call them. This will help HHH to kill them faster.
Take the gate only when FC call it and swap to NULL.

Third room
Wave 1:

After you land, turn on MWD, click Ostingele and <keep at range>. Start locking them.
Launch your drones and assign them.
Lock Romi’s also.
Until you burning to your primary targets, you can web and shoot some Romi’s in range, while they still don’t have transversal velocity.
When you reach webbing range, start webbing and shooting Ostingele’s (With VOID). Follow FC order/tag’s. Call your webs.
Start burning to your next anchor point (Keep at range your VVV and don’t bump it) as soon as FC call it, or 2 BS left on field.
Turn on your MWD and turn it off after two to three cycles, or when you get to 20km. from your anchor.
Swap to NULL while you burning, if some targets left behind, out of your VOID range. Kill them.
When you reach the spot, CTRL+SPACE to stop your ship (for better tracking).
Reload Void and prepare for the next wave.

NOTE: 1.Don’t forget to broadcast for shields if you are yellow boxed, and “In position” when they
               stop shooting you (yellow boxed again).
             2.No web is needed if the target speed is 100 m/sec. or less.

Wave 2:
Lock Battleships and start webbing/shooting them following the FC order’s/tag’s.
If Romi’s are tagged, web Romi and call it, before they run away. Use two webs per Romi.
If target is already webbed/called, switch to next one. If they run away, use NULL to kill them.
When last two BS left, anchor to VVV. He gonna move you to the spot 20k away of the tower.
Reload VOID, CTRL+SPACE and wait for the next spawn.


Wave 3:
Lock Battleships and start webbing/shooting them following the FC order’s/tag’s.
Check your drones for drone agro.
When last two BS/Cruisers left on grid, start approaching the Battle tower.
If there are still frigates on, start locking and webbing them. Kill what is left.
Shoot tower. Send Drones to shoot tower.

NOTE: 1.Don’t forget to broadcast for shields if you are yellow boxed and for capacitor if you got Ottuni.
            2. Don’t web Vylade Dien. It has no propmod.
            3. After tower bash, don’t forget to recall your drones, before you warp out.
            4There might be a different site tactics or target order for some or the all waves, at the discretion of the fleet  FC!


Edited by GARO
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Posted (edited)
5 hours ago, GARO said:

.Do not launch Heavy drones if FC say it.

im sorry ? :D

ahh you mean if your fc asks you to not launch them. i see. sorry was taking a moment until i understood.

Edited by niki lasvegas
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Posted (edited)
4 hours ago, niki lasvegas said:

im sorry ? :D

ahh you mean if your fc asks you to not launch them. i see. sorry was taking a moment until i understood.

Yeah, yeah I know.
In the future will need some help in translation, probably. ;) 
I mean to not launch Heavy drones, if FC not ask you to do it, as: "All drones out" or "Launch light, medium and heavy drones" etc.

The point is:
(for those who wondering why, niki knows it better than me ;))

Heavy Drones = fat and slow,  need more time to get them back.
TPPH 1st room is the place, where fleets most often bounce, to get a bether site (race with time). 
The reasons for this are, that when there is no better site, you entering TPPH, with the presumption if you get a better one, to warp there fast.
And as we have already spoken, these little things make your fleet faster and more efficient in contests. 

As a fleet commander, I'm sure not once you have been holding your logistics longer behind, because of  Battleship who waiting his heavy drones to arrive back.
And sometimes, this small one pilot mistake, cost contest wining and payouts to the whole fleet. 

Edited by GARO

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