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Implant Guide



This guide will go over the Implant's we suggest at Warp To Me for the ships we use. It will go over Implant's for Skill Hardwiring(slots 6-10) which are most important for optimizing your clone and Attribute Enhancing(slots 1-5) which will add utility over regular learning Implants.



You need this skill to use any of the implants below. We suggest training Cybernetics to V, this allows you to use 6% implants which can be purchased with the Concord LP we earn from running Incursions. These implants are purchased for 250m ISK and 250k LP at Concord Stations.



  • If you fly several ships, like a DPS and a Logistics ship, try getting implants that help both fits, such as Capacitor, Shield or Ship speed implants.
  • Getting a whole set of attribute enhancing implants(slots 1-5) is worth more than just get 1 or 2 as the effects stack.
  • If you are just starting with WTM and are short on ISK we suggest purchasing 3% implants as they only run about 20m ISK each at the major trade hubs, after running Incursions for a while you should have earned enough ISK and LP to purchase 6% implants at Concord LP stores.

Attribute Enhancing Implant Sets

We at WTM are a new bro friendly community and do not require specific Implant sets to meet doctrines. We do however suggest these implant sets as they greatly help out on fleet performance.


High-Grade Ascendancy Set

This set of implants is great of making you more ISK! You warp in site faster, you warp to structures faster, you warp from site to site faster, and you move foci faster. Getting these help you train skills faster as well as make ISK faster. The best investment you'll ever make. 


Genolution Set

If you are a Logi only person and you really don't want to buy the above-mentioned set, then this is the implant set for you! Also even though each Implant has a different bonus, they do have a stacking bonus and running a full set boosts all bonus's to 4.25%.

Skill Hardwiring Implants

Hybrid ship Implants

These are the Implants we suggest you run for a Hybrid ship or a lesser % equivalent you can afford.


Laser ship Implants

These are the Implants we suggest you run for a Laser ship or a lesser % equivalent that you can afford.


Projectile Implants

These are the Implants we suggest you run for an Autocannon ship or a lesser % equivalent that you can afford.

Logistic ship Implants

These are some of the implants logistic pilots should use. Primarily slot 8 capacitor implants as most logistics pilots will also be flying damage dealing ships which will benefit from increased capacitor stability. While scan resolution and shield capacity can also benefit a damage dealing ship, they are typically better off using a tracking implant. As for slots 9 & 10 you are better suited getting Implants that will bonus your damage dealing ship as there are no specific Implants that directly improve Logistic ships.

Edited by Malcolm Galora
Removed Leshaks, swapped slot 9 implants around, geno set slot 5 recommendations, added falloff implant as alternative for projectiles, cleanup
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