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  1. VG guide

    Warp To Me’s Vanguard Guide General WTM Vanguards Tips The Minimum amount of pilots needed for a Vanguard fleet is 8 (11 preferred) Fleet composition should be approximately: - 2-3 Vindicators - 6-7 Snipers - 1-2 Scimitars - 1 Claymore The booster serves as the primary logi for the fleet, with any logi cruisers acting as backup. All Snipers also fit at least one remote shield rep to assist with heavy waves. Logi cruisers should minimize reps to avoid taking aggro, especially if flying solo. If you trust your booster and Scimi pilot, fleet can run with 1 Scimitar, otherwise bring 2 Scimitars. The Scimitars should be at least 3 minutes stable. The Basilisk is not suitable for VGs and therefore not accepted, due to lack of bonused tracking links, poor cap stability without a cap chain, and minimal fleet need for combat caps. When running a fleet, you are recommended to use all 3 shield boosts and the Web skirmish boosts. The Claymore is the only suitable booster for VGs. You have a choice of system you are going to run in, as there are 3-5 Vanguard systems in each Incursion focus. Ideally you want to choose a smaller system to minimize warp distance between sites. Other considerations may include other fleets in system, stations available, and sec status/gankers. In Vanguard sites there is no need for the fleet to move, burn, or anchor. The full fleet sits still (yes, even the Scimitars) and Sansha will burn into range or die to the Snipers. Gate is always green unless fleet needs to pause (for instance, bio break or to recruit more members). If someone needs to leave the fleet or go AFK, they should inform the FC during the site prior, not when fleet is in warp to the next site. All 3 Vanguard sites have variably-sized wave spawns, so site times vary. Generally, the fastest site is OTA > NMC > NCO. If your fleet is heavy on Vindicators/short-range DPS, you can prioritize NCO higher. Vanguards are much more frigate-heavy than Assault or Headquarters sites. It is important that Snipers rapidly kill frigates at range before they can burn in under their guns. Vindicators should watch enemy speed closely and spread webs thoroughly, one web per frigate as long as there are still unwebbed targets remaining. Override Transfer Array (OTA) The site consists of 3 waves, first and second spawning further out ~70 km, third closer in ~35 km. The most dangerous part of site is initial aggro of the third wave. This site is ideally run Sniper heavy with just 1-2 Vindicators. This site has 5 respawning Eysturs that progressively spawn in as fleet is landing. Wait for all 5 Eysturs to spawn before fleet drops drones to avoid drone aggro. Do not shoot the Eysturs, as they will only inevitably respawn and split the aggro or go for drones. This is the only site with respawning enemies and the only site with Deltoles. Remember this mantra: IF YOU SEE A DELTOLE ON GRID, DONT SHOOT THE EYSTURS! You can optionally Tag J Eysturs if necessary. Site can also be preloaded in a similar fashion to a TCRC; if you already see 5 Eysturs on grid, it's a preload and fleet can freely drop drones on landing. If sites are preloaded more than 10-15 minutes prior, the Eysturs may leave entirely and never return to site. Hacking: This site has a logistics tower that reps the Sansha, with reps slightly weaker than a Mara and tends to focus on frigates. However, the reps can optionally be turned off by hacking the Logistics Control Array, which spawns about 30km directly left of warp-in. Hacking is done by an alt, typically a fast frigate ideally with hacking rigs or hull bonuses (Venture is okay, Endurance or Astero is better). The hacking minigame is moderate difficulty and can be failed unlimited times without penalty. Once the hack is complete, tower reps will stop for approximately 6 minutes. If the site continues for more than 6 minutes after the initial hack, a new Control Array will spawn around the 2'o'clock position from the warp-in and can be rehacked, although this is rarely necessary. If you are not having someone hack, tag the Tamas to allow the Vindicators to focus fire and alpha through the reps. The hacker should wait until all the Eysturs are on grid before burning to the Control Array to avoid pulling split aggro. Tagging All waves: - Full fleet: Niarja - DPS: Tama - Snipers: Auga, then Deltole Call drones in and broadcast Align when only the Deltole of the third wave is left. Once all other enemies have died, the Eysturs will align, instantly stop, then quickly warp out. You are safe to warp as soon as you see them "stutter". In the event Eysturs have already left, slowly count to 3 after the Deltole dies, then warp out. It is not necessary to wait for the payout. In rare cases, you do not need to kill all the Tamas in 3rd wave. In this event, the remaining Tamas will also "stutter" and warp out with the Eysturs. When you see this, fleet may warp immediately. This occurrence is unpredictable, so you should instruct your pilots to lock all Tamas and expect to kill them before you can leave the site. Nation Mining Colony (NMC) The site consists of 3 waves of frigates and cruisers which spawn at range, first ~60 km, second and third ~70 km spawns. Site is finished when the dropper drops ore into the refinery. The most dangerous part of the site is the first wave with up to 5 Romis, both the initial aggro and the swaps if there is a large first wave. Subsequent waves are typically lighter but pay attention for the rare large spawn. Due to randomness in spawns, this site is the most flexible for fleet comp but in general run sniper heavy. Dropping ore: Before entering the site, confirm you have an alt for dropping ore. Typically this is a fast frigate, which may have a cloak and/or ore bay. Your dropper must have 255 Lyavite ore in a stack which will be consumed each site. Lyavite can be purchased off contracts (not the market), found in mining missions, or collected in dedicated NMC mining ops. At the end of the 3rd wave, the Nation Ore Refinery will spawn as a can in space near the asteroid colony just to the right of the tower. The dropper must drop the stack of Lyavite into the refinery, then several seconds later the site will complete. The dropper can come in early to cloak and keep at range 5km from the colony, or come in later during the 3rd wave and quickly burn into position 1km off the colony. It is crucial that the dropper is ready in position drops the ore as quickly as possible to maintain site efficiency. Tagging guide: All waves as follow: - Full fleet: Niarja - DPS: Tama, Eystur, Renyn, Schmael (keep Null loaded) - Snipers: Mara (only present in first wave), Auga, Romis For running under influence - if the first wave spawns 5 Romis, have Vindies focus fire on 1 Romi. Call drones in and Broadcast Align to the next site with roughly 2 Romis left in the third wave. Add the Lyavite Asteroid to your overview. When it disappears off the overview, warp the fleet. You will get paid in warp. The dropper may be in fleet as they do not get payout from dropping ore alone, but should not drop drones or shoot anything unless there is empty spots in fleet to sponge. Nation Commander Outpost (NCO) This site consists of 4 waves, all spawning ~35 km away. This tends to be the slowest site, and favors having more Vindicators/short-range DPS. All pilots should swap to close-range ammo and all links should be swapped to Tracking scripts. The most dangerous part of this site is the initial aggro in the 1st wave, and the aggro swap in the event it is a big wave. Subsequent waves are typically lighter but pay attention for the rare large spawn. In the 3rd wave, a unique enemy called the Sansha Nation Commander will spawn. This ship is akin to a stealth bomber, a small frigate with the EHP of a Tama but fires torpedoes that out-DPS any Sansha battleship. This should always be killed immediately when it spawns. Tagging - Full fleet: Niarja Note, Wave 3 only: Full fleet Sansha Nation Commander first, then Niarja - DPS: Tama, Eystur, Renyn, Schmael - Snipers: Auga, Romi - DDD: prioritizes Tama Call drones in and Broadcast Align to the next site when 4-5 frigates are left in the 4th wave, warp as soon as the last rat dies. Fittings Battleships When crossing over from HQ/AS fits: - Drop prop mod for a Sebo. - Reduce shield tank to one of the options below. - With the freed up slots, add application/utility modules appropriate to your ship type. All empty low slots should become Tracking Enhancers. - All tracking computers should have both Tracking and Optimal scripts available, depending on the site. - Drones must be Lights or Sentries. Medium or Heavy Drones are not permitted, due to poorly applying with the size, speed, and distance of enemies in VGs. Tank Standard Tank -1 x Multispectrum Shield Hardener II -Damage Control II -Passive EM T1 rig (Except Vargur) -Machariels should drop the Damage Control and add a second Multispectrum Shield Hardener II, due to their slot layout -Marauders (Paladin and Vargur) cannot use this setup, and must fit the Optimal tank Optimal Tank (any battleship) -1 x Pithum B-type (or higher) Multispectrum Shield Hardener -Passive EM (T1 rig or T2+ midslot) Utility Vindicators 1 Sensor Booster plus 3 webs. These should ideally be True Sansha / Dark Blood Webs (range is key) Ammo: Only Null and fation Antimatter Nightmares 3 x Sensor Boosters 3 x Tracking Computers - Optional for SSS role: Replace one Tracking Comp with a Target Painter Ammo: Standard HQ ammo types High Slots: - Standard Setup: 1 x Remote Capacitor Transfer (for emergencies), plus 1 x Large Remote Shield Boosters (or Medium Deadspace Remote Shield Booster) - Upgrade from the standard: 2 Medium Deadspace Remote Shield Boosters Machariels 1400mm Howitzer Artillery only Fit 2x Sensor Booster, rest tracking computers If you have fitting problems, drop an enhancer for a Reactor Control or Power Diagnostic System High Slots: 1 x Large Remote Shield Boosters or medium deadspace (for emergencies) Marauders (Vargur and Paladin) Fit 2x Sensor Booster, rest tracking computers Highslots: at least one Remote Shield Booster. Rest are dealer's choice (consider cap transmitter, armor rep) Booster and Scimitars These ships need to be able to lock at least 9 targets in order to lock all battleships up upon entry. Shield broadcasts are not to be expected in VGs, and the logi must watch the aggro and damage and apply reps appropriately. All fleet members should add everyone to their watchlists to monitor the aggro and apply emergency reps if required. Example Booster fit The booster tank must be deadspace to allow adequate cap stability and maximum utility mids. Example Scimitars fit The 5 link Scimitar is an option for trusted pilots only. As you have minimal tank and damage mitigation, pulling large amounts of aggro with excessive reps places you at extreme risk, so you must rep judiciously. Influence: no fitting changes for influence Template fleet MOTD Thanks to all those who helped put this together