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Found 2 results

  1. [WTS] Mach with t2 rigs

    Machariel 1 Battleship Ship Large Projectile Metastasis Adjuster II 1 Rig Projectile Weapon Module Rig Slot Large Core Defense Field Extender II 1 Rig Shield Module Rig Slot Large Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer II 1 Rig Shield Module Rig Slot Currently in contract in jita for 500mil. Slightly below jita buy price.
  2. (Funfleet) Praxis Fits

    So, the Praxis lands tomorrow. I'll have a spare one to play with, so how about we get a fun fleet going next Sunday, with 39 Praxis and a FC inna Claymore. I am not that FC, and do not have a specific FC in mind, if a FC wants to volunteer, please do. The purpose of this thread to to play with Praxis fits, to see if we can get a viable fleet, and if we get enough people interested. Maybe we end up doing a few assaults, but it could be fun.