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Found 4 results

  1. WTS 3 nightmare pilots

    Details can be found in the character bazaar posting:
  2. Nightmare Cap Chain for Newbros

    This will be just my thoughts on the nightmare cap chain and how new bros can more easily chain with there buddy General Tips for Newbros First once you go into nightmare chat, scream for a cap buddy till they give you one. Always talk with you cap buddy on when you'll be chaining, that's what nightmare chat is for. Pulse your prop mod, this means MWD ON for 2 cycles, OFF for 5-6 seconds. If it looks like you'll run out cap before you reach your buddy, broadcast for cap, I know people will scream at this, but even a few squirts of cap will be helpful. Pilots who have a resebo fitted, only turn it on when you need it (to lock the mara), as it drains your cap unnecessarily. TPPH (True Power Provisional Headquarters) Most nightmare pilots (including myself) have grown accustomed to not chaining in the first two rooms of the TPPH, although if you do feel like you don't have enough cap life to burn through two rooms, talk to your buddy in nightmare chat and start chaining once you are at the gate to the next room, this will help your cap significantly and will make the site much easier for you. In the 3rd room of the TPPH you should have enough cap to establish the chain once you are anchored, do not try to chain while burning as there's the possibility of you drying yourself out unnecessarily. NRF (Nation Rebirth Facility) The NRF is the trickiest site of all to cap chain in, ideally you would want to start the chain at the 1st anchor spot and keep it going, but that's really tricky even for experienced pilots, so what you need to focus on is again to chain up at the anchor spots. If you feel like you don't have enough cap, stop shooting, lasers eat a butt load of cap and turning your guns off for a few cycles can help you regen some cap while burning, especially on the long burn to the 4th wave. TCRC (True Creations Research Centre) This should be clear enough, burn to anchor, establish chain, PROFIT. Bonus Tips Try to master the art of chaining while burning, this is very useful in NRFs, in order to pull this off you need an experienced pilot to be in the chain, in order to acomplish this, you will have to be very attentive, pay attention to where you cap buddy is, if they are falling behind turn off your prop mod for a few seconds and let them catch up. If done right, it will make your capacitor much happier. Use drugs, Synth Mindflood Booster, which grants a capacitor modifier of 3%, is very helpful for all nightmare pilots, if you do have Neurotoxin Control IV you can use Standard Mindflood Booster, which grants a capacitor modifier of 10%.
  3. Hello all! I'm a new player looking to join the incursion community and WTM came highly recommended. I'm just about a month old and a few skill injectors deep into EVE, and have been lurking in your guides section for the last few days. The gentleman who recommended WTM said vanguards were what was focused on, but from everything I've read it looks like headquarters are the focus. Do you still run vanguard or assault sites? I'll be mostly lurking your guides while grinding level 4s to make my nightmare a little more blingy before i X-up.
  4. Travel Fits

    Well I've looked all over the forums but I don't see anything related to travel between incursions. Could someone paste a few of the things to fit for travelling. ex. Nightmare shield, hull tanked its. I know that moving is something where you are usually alone so being ganked is a high possibility as your not in a fleet.