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Found 3 results

  1. Abyssal Heat Sinks

    Hey there Nightmare pilots, ever felt like you could use more DPS? I offer you 30,9% DPS bonus (almost maxed RoF) at 1,8bil and 29,5% DPS (with good CPU) at 1,2bil. Feel free to mail me ingame with offers etc. Regards, Ferden
  2. Hello all! I'm a new player looking to join the incursion community and WTM came highly recommended. I'm just about a month old and a few skill injectors deep into EVE, and have been lurking in your guides section for the last few days. The gentleman who recommended WTM said vanguards were what was focused on, but from everything I've read it looks like headquarters are the focus. Do you still run vanguard or assault sites? I'll be mostly lurking your guides while grinding level 4s to make my nightmare a little more blingy before i X-up.
  3. Travel Fits

    Well I've looked all over the forums but I don't see anything related to travel between incursions. Could someone paste a few of the things to fit for travelling. ex. Nightmare shield, hull tanked its. I know that moving is something where you are usually alone so being ganked is a high possibility as your not in a fleet.