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Found 1 result


    Title says it all, since Ive been with WTM for about 6 months, I've decided to see if anyone here would want to buy the full set (see pics, **had more pics but website has a limit for uploads) before I sell it to the public, when "waiting for the spawn", I do lots of EDENCOM, which gives me lots of LP, If you drive triglavian ships, you should know what these are. *AS OF AUGUST 23, 2020* (slot 1) HG Alpha - 176,000,000 --- My price: 150,000,000 (slot 2) HG Beta - 229,000,000 --- My price: 200,000,000 (slot 3) HG Delta - 365,000,000 --- My price: 350,000,000 (slot 4) HG Epsilon - 523,400,000 --- My price: 500,000,000 (slot 5) HG Gamma - 222,000,000 --- My price: 200,000,000 (slot 6) HG Omega - 774,400,000 --- My price: 750,000,000 Total: 2,150,000,000 Just the Alpha to Gamma --- 1,400,000,000 Omega --- 750,000,000 *WILL DELIVER ANYWHERE IN HIGH SEC, THIS IS NOT AN ISLAND, OR TRIG VICTORY* SO IF YOU ACCEPT MY OFFER, I WILL MOVE THE IMPLANT TO THE STATION OF YOUR CHOICE AND CREATE A CONTRACT ONCE IM AT THAT STATION, YOU CAN ALSO PM IN GAME --- HELGRADE