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Found 1 result

  1. BROSQUAD New Pilot Ship Guide In this guide we will go over: 1. What ship should I (as a new pilot) fly in WarpToMe fleets? 2. What optimal hull upgrade is right for me? 3. What do I do after I get an optimal hull? First of all, WHY am I making this guide? I am making this guide because over the past few weeks I have seen a lot of newbros asking ship/fitting questions, which - to me, are silly. Q. What ship should I fly in WarpToMe fleets? A. An optimal hull. If you cannot fly, or cannot afford an optimal hull - THAT'S FINE. The entry hulls are there for a reason. And that reason is (spoiler) to GET YOU INTO AN OPTIMAL HULL (crazy, right?) That's basically it. If you are new to incursions, and you think you have an argument to the contrary then buckle up because this guide is written specifically for you! Nobody (really) cares what sub-optimal ship you're flying starting out. Nobody cares if you have better drone skills so you think a Dominix would be better. If you're really indecisive or just don't care, fly a Hyperion until you can fly another optimal hull. If you're wondering if we'd prefer a rokh vs. a rattlesnake, don't. We'd prefer a vindicator, or a nightmare, or another optimal hull. But, go to the fitting website and pick whatever you can afford to fly and fly it. Stop trying to make your rokh look better, just upgrade. Do not feel ashamed because you cannot afford to fly an optimal hull right now. Feel ashamed if you do not upgrade. (you don't really have a choice anyway, what with the upgrade policy and all.) Your goal as a Hyperion, Bhaalgorn, Raven Navy, Rokh, Golem, Kronos (why?), Dominix, Dominix Navy, Maelstrom, Vargur, Barghest, Machariel or Rattlesnake pilot is to GET AN OPTIMAL HULL. yes i left paladin off the list on purpose That's it man. X-up, get in fleet, get some iskies, buy a vindicator, get in a logi or fly a leshak. Not a nightmare because they look like space poopoo. Q. What optimal hull is right for me? A. DPS - Vindicator -I love this god damn ship, man. This thing is like a giant space chainsaw. Real men fly vindicators. Get one of these bad boys up to 2400+ dps and you're one of the bros. SNIPER - Nightmare -Kinda looks like a spiky poopoo, I wouldn't fly it. But they're great for VGs I guess. And apparently we've been low on them as of the time I'm writing this so might not be a bad idea for shorter waitlist ques. I dunno. It's better than your rattlesnake tho. Maybe one day we'll get rail vindis. A bro can dream. (note: i'm kidding and nightmares are good and also necessary for a good fleet comp) LESHAK - Leshak -I haven't flown one but they look bitchin' as hell, have the shortest waitlist time and can make a bad fleet better. A little expensive tho I hear. LOGI - Basilisk/Scimitar + Loki when you get gud -don't want to spend a shit-ton of isk on incursions? Don't like buying ammo? Just want to relax and make isk for your pvp alt? The t2 logi boats are CHEAP and they get 350m free srp. Honestly if isk is king for you and you don't like brawling in a vindicator, spooling in a leshak, or flying the giant spiky space poopoo - this is probably your ideal ship type. Not to mention you don't stand much to lose if it gets blow'd up. The training time at first can be a little bit of a pain in the ass, but it's worth it. Q. What do I do after I get an optimal hull? A. Bling it Getting the optimal hull doesn't mean you're done. It means you've begun. You're 'done' when you have the fully optimal fit, a full set of the recommended implants on your clone, and the skills to fly that ship. But honestly, in incursions you're never done. If you want to be a great incursion pilot, you're gonna have to accept the fact that you will never be 'done' upgrading. I'm 200 hours deep in my vindicator and I STILL don't have max skills after pumping 99.9% of my incursion isk into it. And once that's done, it's on to leshak. But do us, your fellow pilots a favor - and really push yourself. If the fleet is losing contests and/or not making good isk per hour, that's because of YOU, not because of WTM, not because of the FC - YOU. i swear to god if i hear one more rokh pilot with 4 fleet hours talking about how we could improve the fleet i'm gonna win eve