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Found 7 results


    Title says it all, I sell here on a discount before I put them on the market/contracts, Entropic Radiation Sink II has 20 % bonus damage, CPU: 30 1. 24.7 %, CPU: 28.7 Selling 1.5 billion 2. 24.9 %, CPU: 26.4 Selling 2.2 billion WILL DELIVERY ANYWHERE IN HIGH SEC, EXPECT ISLANDS, TO A STATION OF YOUR CHOICE, AND THEN I WILL CREATE CONTRACT, CONTACT IN-GAME: Zekgrade I'M CURRENTLY SOMEWHERE IN: AMARR EMPIRE
  2. Mu's abyssal store

    Hey hey, Mu here. Got a couple of abyssal stuff to sell for people wanting to upgrade their ships with a bit more bling. Will update with more stuff as it becomes available :3 Entropic sinks for the leshak pilots who actually want to do damage! Prices are semi-negotiable :3
  3. WTM Market

    Hey there is an in-game channel you can also use to trade and post contracts now. You can join WTM market in game.
  4. WTS Vindicator with Abyssal Mods

    Ok so I got a Vindicator it needs a home selling the hull with the guns and Abyssal webs and dmg mods low I am unsure of a price so here what im gonna do offer a price below and we will go from there. I also got ammo which im gonna include for free because I wont have a need for them. Selling the hull by itself if someone interested linked below
  5. Appraised Value 1.3 Billion Sale by private contract. Item in Jita. EVEmail me in game. Anakin Lukic.
  6. WTS Abyssal Magstab

    DPS Bonus 30.4% I'll sell for 1 billion isk contact me in game if interested
  7. WTB abyssal entropic sink cheap

    9.3+ rof, while dmg and cpu dosen't matter. reasonable price. pm/eve mail offer