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Found 2 results

  1. Mail or msg Wolfram De Valvea in game to make offer and don't be a dick wiith your offer. I have more than what is on here just not for Incursion running Entropic Radiation Sinks 1. 1.138x Dam, 6.76% Rate Of Fire, CPU 33.43tf 2.1.133x Dam, 7.32% Rate of Fire, CPU 29.21tf 3.1.135 Dam, 6.15% Rate of fire,CPU 32.98tf GyroStabilizers 1.1.138x Dam, 11.97% Rate of Fire, CPU 25.55tf 2.1.13x Dam, 12.74% Rate of Fire, CPU 28.29tf 3.1.127x Dam, 12.74% Rate of fire, CPU 18.95tf 4.1.13x Dam, 11.44% Rate Of Fire, CPU 21.73tf. Large Shield Extender 1.HP 3233.18, Sig 25m,CPU 31.21tf, Power 148.43mw 2.HP 2822.60, Sig 19m, CPU 51.89tf,Power 206.94mw
  2. Together in the Abyss

    So, having fun with the Abyss. Join IG chat channel "Abyssal Mystics" and chat with other Abyss minded WTM pilots.