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  1. Newbro to Fleets and Incursions

    Thanks for the help guys, if anyone wants to mail me in game (same name as here) and get me started I can join up as early as next Monday. Thanks again I think I'm gonna like being a logi bro
  2. Newbro to Fleets and Incursions

    Hey, just joined the forums for WTM and I have a couple questions that I'd like to talk to someone 1 on 1 with, or with several people who can answer me. 1st: how much does a Logistics pilot make whilst running incursions? Can if rebuild the investment I put into it in under 30d? (ISK is a mild issue for me, running a little low) 2nd: How invested do I have to be during the incursion times (constantly logged in or sparsely/whenever needed or somewhere in between)? 3rd: Will I get a crash course on how to logistics before I'm dropped into the fray? (I've done logistics one time, for a 4 man gang of 3 Ishtars and a Drake running a 10/10 I think, did just fine save the end where one Ishtar almost took armor damage. Good otherwise.) As the title states, I'm a newbro to fleets (done a single pub roam with General Tso's Alliance, Tristans) and I've never done incursions. Largest fleet I've been able to regularly join is a Standing Fleet in Null, or a 5 man fleet in a C3 Wormhole. Thanks guys, I look forward to flying with you (if I can). Cheers o7