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  1. Another Newbro saying Hi with ship questions

    Hi guys! I engaged in two WTM fleets wtih my Golem Ed Wardo character. It was so fun. The fleet style was so different vs PVP Eve-Uni blob/Stealth bomber styles.. I had a lot of fun; need to get acclimated to the incursion style FC stuff. Can anyone recommend a proper ship? or is Golem good to go?
  2. Another Newbro saying Hi with ship questions

    aah.... that makes sense. I'll refit my golem per the fittings listed in WTM's site then and try to join. Thank you for your quick response!!
  3. Another Newbro saying Hi with ship questions

    I tried to edit my post, but I waited too long so I can't. Basically, I would like to enhance my first post. My alt can fly the Golem that is listed, however some of the modules don't make any sense to me like: Large Solace Scoped Remote Armor Repairer Large Remote Hull Repairer Large 'Regard' Remote Capacitor Tansmitter So, if I fly my Golem, will I then be a logi pilot in the incursion fleet? I don't know anything about being a logi pilot and I wouldn't want to ruin anything; that's why I was aiming for the Rokh fit as a starter BS. It seemed more simpler however I have to train the guns since I've just trained in missile skills. Please advise. ~TP
  4. Hi WTM!!! i would very much like to partake in Incursions, however, to fly the Optimal Vindi would be 169day away with my highest skilled alt. Are the "Preferred Starter Battleships" still acceptable? If so, how likely would I be accepted in the waiting list? Please advise. ~TP