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    Hey Guys, I am a long time EVE player who has taken a couple of breaks in the past. I have been back in game for a few months now and have given 0.0 life and WH life another try but have ended up back in hisec. I can play most evenings UK time and am looking for a bit of Incursion action to keep the interest flowing. I have always played Logi from way back when I first trained up for Scimitar, both in PvP and PvE, large and small fleets. I have flown incursions in the past but will need a few reminders on strategies to start with until I get back into the groove. I have Logi V, can fly Scimitar, Basilisk (and Guardian) but have always been first and foremost a Scimmy pilot. I have a fully cap stable fit with 4 x large T2 reps, AB and two Invulns (as per your rules page) and also fly with two remote tracking computers to help the Meatheads hit their targets!! I have less experience with Basilisks but have flown plenty of fleets with Guardians and understand the cap chain system. I can also fly some PvE DPS ships, but not to an outstanding level. I have a Rattlesnake sitting around somewhere and have flown a Nightmare and Legion in incursions before. I am currently training towards Marauders with the aim of eventually getting into a Vargur and Paladin. I can be found in game with the tag Willy Eckerslike if anyone needs to convo me. I have all main comms programs installed for whatever the fleets operate with (Vent, TS, Mumble, etc) but due to my rig being set up in the lounge I don't normally have permission to talk while the wife is watching the soaps on TV Willy