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  1. The secret, hidden, superior Incursion ship! :D

    OOF this thread is funny. Personally I would say screw this and run a officer fitted blaster rokh. CANT STOP THE ROKH!
  2. Incursion Leshak

    @Dindil I'm gonna be real with you. WTM is new player friendly, meaning that it is extremely important that folks stick with anchors as both DPS and Logi might be new/inexperienced. Lets say this ship is amazing...then the floodgates open for less smart people to fit the ship and then leadership has to redo work and this puts more pressure on FCs to check ships. The best process is to keep things as simple as possible for Logi/DPS/FCs. Making it harder will only grow losses in the fleet and WTM's goal is to teach new folks how to get better. Overall I enjoy your thinking and commend the research you have done. Just go officer shield tanked Rokh. Best ship to stay safe and it still puts out more damage than new bros in the fleet. DISCLAIMER: I don't know much about incursions but maybe a thing or two. Follow the KISS method. (Keep It Simple Stupid).
  3. Colelie Citadel

    yall just need me back to blow them up..multibox ftw
  4. New to incursions, new to Logi

    Congrats Orthane! Keep up the good work!
  5. Why I fly with WarpToMe

    Was introduced by my first corporation I joined in Eve. Started up every day and night with Creature and Charlie (as the FCs) closer to Xmas. Joined for the fun basically. Plus incursion connections=eve connections. WTM much better than TVP and ISN and all others. Hella fun teaching new people.
  6. hi

    You know I only came back because of your luxurious voice. Jk. Truth is I'll be at a work assignment overseas and have some time to play.
  7. hi

    I'll go bowling with you! *quickly disappears*