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  1. Logi School

    Me or a resident will host a logi school on sat 05/01/2019 at 11:00 UTC
  2. New To WTM

    That a lovely introduction ! I think i dont take much risk by saying thanks from WTM. We are a newbie friendly community. We work with newguys and belive they will grows up learn stuff and be better. All of that with as much fun as is possible =p. So yeap we run a bit slower than other community. But its look like we fly bit more often too. So at then I'm pretty sure we make same amount of money :). Yesterday we run on 10 TCRC in a row if isnt more than that because other fleet around gone down before us. What ever I'm glade to see you to WTM fleets. Have Fun & Make ISK o7,
  3. Ammo and Nanite Paste amounts

    My mach&vindi have 500 unit of past to fix mid slot module : mwd & invulv. fix guns with past is kinda too expensive from my point of view. My basi/scimi have between 1k~1.5k I use a lot on grid to avoid burn out reps and keep be able to overheat. About mach with a rof ~16 sec and 7guns you will have 6h20min of ammo if you bring 10k.. i dont count reload and other time you spen without shooting on stuff. If you put 10k befor each un-dock you should be fine. Same than Niki: fill up your cargo hold if you dont know.
  4. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    Its a 0% inffluence fleet compo 8 logi 3 CCs 10 sniper 4 nm 2 mach other can be no opti hull AAA influence fit at least 2 painters 20 DPS half can be no opti hull at least 12 web with DDD/HHH dual web 2 booster cover all SS boosts long range warponry (kind of sniper) If 2 boosters is not enought serious switch for a sniper. I think that 1sniper for 2dps is a smooth mix even if i'm a resident and not a FC studient ^_^.
  5. What do you do when you don't run incursions?

    Learn more about Incursion, Site's wave, NPC stats, fleet roles, fits, Resident's homework... And i'am working of a "Overview From Scratch" just for learn.