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  1. Newbro wants to join!

    Sup everybody, I'm a newbro interested in getting started with incursions. I skilled up a dedicated alt to fly a logi ship (as that's an aspect of the game I don't know at all yet) and skilled Logi up to V. Reading here and there, I think I have all the relevant skills and a brand new Scimitar to get started... and that's about it! I'm the kind of guy that reads up a lot before getting to do actual stuff: I read all the guides here and from TVP as well, but it all looks very confusing without any firsthand experience. I hope to get this part fixed ASAP. Other than that, let me introduce myself: my name is Nicola, I'm 32 y/o and I live in Italy (central EU TZ, if that somehow matters). My toon name is Djanga Unchained, and a post in here from some Django guy recently got me thinking how unoriginal we all are. I played Eve back in 2012-13 for some time, but eventually had to quit due to RL matters and only recently started over. Luckily I was able to retrieve both my old accounts, so I have a bit more SP than your average newbro, but as far as player skill goes, I've never been in a fleet of more than 5 people, never flown a logi, never even played a healer in my (longer than I'd like to admit) gaming career. The goal of this post was to introduce myself and state my noobishness on the matter, which I think I did. I'm really excited to get started, and as everybody seems to agree this is the go-to community for relaxed, friendly incursion running, I hope I too will be able to find my place among you guys. Cheers all, see you in game and fly casual! Djanga