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  1. Something curious

    I just happened to stumble upon a tcrc that had no beacon anymore, but the deadspace pocket was still intact, with acceleration gate. Inside I found no npcs, the tower still at full health, and the rattlesnake guy sitting in a freighter and an empty Probe next to it at the mtac factory. I suppose he was farming mtacs, but how exactly is this possible? Why no npcs, tower still there etc.?
  2. Thing in the Kundalini site

    I see, thought it might be some cool feature.
  3. Thing in the Kundalini site

    But I had to use a data analyzer on it for that. And it's not that far away.
  4. Thing in the Kundalini site

    So, what does that do? https://imgur.com/IyG4lsm
  5. Commanders of the Year

    Only one R? Not good enough, Puterrrr has my vote (accepting bribes)
  6. Warp speed implants?

    I've looked at the sets, and for the price they're just not worth it for me. The Genolution set on the other hand is really good for the price, in my opinion, so I'm using that.
  7. Advice for a Noob

    You need a passive em ward amplifier. Check here for a Rokh fit, it's under Battleships/Preferred Starter Battleships/Blaster Rokh. You're gonna need Caldari BS IV I think. For the overview, just ask in the in game chat channel.
  8. Waitlist manager needs to track AFK pilots

    I don't think at all you should limit what people are able to do while they spend time on the waitlist. I don't think it's more fair to change it that way, just more beneficial to people actually sitting in front of Eve/their computer. In my eyes, putting that above spending the wait time with something else is not fairness. Don't get me wrong, I saw the waitlist today for example and know it can suck, but just because you're in the group of people that chooses to spend their waiting time looking at the screen doesn't mean at all you should punish people not doing so. Because that's what it is, and the current system is not rewarding an afk spending of the time, but simply doesn't punish it. You want afk people punished and not afk people indirectly rewarded.
  9. TCRC ganks

    About the ganking and loot stealing at tcrcs where they scram the logi pilots. It has happened twice now that I noticed. First I thought you couldn't really do anything about it except for not running the site. But then I thought of the following: If you see the two frigates or whatever at the gate, you can already guess what's going on. So just let everybody align, let the AAA take the gate and then immediately when he lands warp out. They then scram the logi, so just wait for them to get blown up, AAA comes back as quick as he can and fleet can run the site. Am I missing something or should that work? Not sure if the rats could point the AAA that quickly.
  10. hi