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  1. This was brought about when I recently went through my reddit post history and this came up. Bemused, it got me wondering. What do you do outside of incursions? What are your "EVE Hobbies"? For me, I love absent-mindedly running lvl4 missions in a shield-tanked blaster Kronos (super overkill, but amusing to me). Federation Navy represent! Those Caldari Navy folks are pretty great too.
  2. The Short Range DPS Pilot

    Since Oni started a wonderful thread over in Logi Tactics, figured to start up the same here, except in the form of a giant wall of text. Introduction I. Love. DPS. My very first ship I've ever flown in incursions (long long ago) was the Navy Domi, back when sentry drone boats were a thing. The garde/blaster combo was something I had to get used to, as my only PvE experience was AFK lvl4s with a sentry boat. I very quickly gathered the isk to buy my first Vindicator, which I instantly fell in love with. Nothing beats the space shotgun in satisfactory annihilation of my enemies. Now, nearly 3.5 years later, my main ship is still the Vindicator. I've tried nearly every other ship that we allow in fleets, even a few that aren't allowed just to test a few things. But nothing will come close to my love for the king of DPS. After these years of passion and experience, here are my tips in being an effective DPS pilot. The Vindicator Behold, the King of DPS in all its glory. Loaded with Void Ammo, this thing skyrockets to 2155 of sheer, raw DPS. Nothing even comes close, even my beloved Kronos. Even that rattlesnake claiming to dish out just as much applied DPS. For tower bashes, it is the equivalent of two blaster rokhs, nearly two hyperions, two nightmares, or nearly three machariels. This is what a true king looks like, and that is your goal. However, it's really expensive. That's ok. You'll get there. In the meantime... The Starter Vindicator, starting out at ~1600 DPS. You want to get into this ship as soon as possible. Keep in mind the guns can be swapped out for Meta 4, but you should be getting T2 guns ASAP, as that is the most significant increase in DPS. All in all, this fit isn't that expensive, relatively speaking, sitting at ~400m. That is insanely cheap compared to how much DPS it pulls when compared to any of the starter ships. That's roughly 14 sites, easily doable in an evening of incursion running. Get this ship as soon as possible. You won't regret it. Now, the upgrade path is as follows: Meta 4 Guns to T2 Guns T2 Magnetic Field Stabilizers to Faction Add another web, by doing either: Upgrade invuls to dual Pith C or better, change thermal rig to EM, drop EM amp Upgrade invuls to single Pith B or better Get a damage rig (Burst Aerator or Collision Accelerator) Upgrade invuls to dual Pith B or better Drop the two Large CDFEs Upgrade Drones Optimal setup is 2x Geckos, 2x 'Augmented' Hammerheads, 1x 'Augmented' Hobgoblin T2 Tracking Enhancers to Faction Drone Damage Amplifiers The Webifiers The most unique thing about the Vindicator, other than its raw, powerful dps, is the ability to fit webs and use them effectively. Baseline, these slow sansha ships down. Doesn't seem all that special until you realize everything this does for us. First, you have to realize that the range of the Vindicator's blasters is god awful, especially with short range ammo. For you to apply effective DPS, you want every target to be within 10km, and stay within 10km. Vindicators can reduce the speeds of ships up to 90% with the strongest faction web, effectively rendering them motionless. This also means that you have a better chance to hit them, as your and everybody else's turrets don't have to track that much. Now, this is where the term "Spreading Webs" comes in. Time for some simple math. Two targets moving at 100 m/s. Is it more effective to web each target, or put 2 webs on the current target? Let's say your web effectiveness is 80%. When applying a single web, the target's speed is reduced to 20 m/s. Apply another web, and the speed is reduced to 4 m/s (actually more than that due to diminishing returns). The difference between 20 m/s and 4 m/s is not that significant, meanwhile the other target is running away at 100 m/s, and will be out of the 10km range in less than 90 seconds. Sure, you might have killed the current target faster, but now the next target is out of range and you apply less DPS. Here's a simple rule for spreading webs: If a battleship is moving over 100 m/s (denoted by the Velocity column in your overview), web it down. If a battleship you have webbed is moving less than 20 m/s (unless you have 90% web effectiveness), remove the web and put it on a different target. When looking at the variations of webs, there are two faction webs that are used by the vast majority of Vindicators: Fed Navy and True Sansha. The differences are this: Federation Navy: less range (14km), more webbing power (90%) True Sansha: more range (15km), less webbing power (82.5%) Keep in mind we have boosts to increase the range of webs, so the True Sansha one can go out to nearly 21km! In deciding between these two, it's mostly player's preference, though we encourage True Sansha due to the range advantage. The Implants To unlock your true potential of a short range DPS pilot, you have to invest in some 6% implants. Remember that 2155 number that optimal vindi spits out? With max skills and implants, you can push that to 2357. This is the true cap for our vindicators, without going purple (fitting officer mods). Here's what I run for my implants (literal copy&paste from the Implant Guide): SLOT 1: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-1 Primary Effect: Boosts perception by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% powergrid and capacitor bonus SLOT 2: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-4 Primary Effect: Boosts memory by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% ship agility and armor hit points bonus SLOT 3: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-3 Primary Effect: Boosts willpower by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% ship velocity and shield capacity bonus SLOT 4: Genolution Core Augmentation CA-2 Primary Effect: Boosts intelligence by 3. Secondary Effect: Gives a +1.5% CPU and capacitor recharge bonus SLOT 6: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Systems Operation EO-606 Gives a reduction in capacitor recharge time by 6% SLOT 7: Ogdin's Eye Coordination Enhancer Gives a boost to Tracking Speed by 6% SLOT 8: Inherent Implants 'Squire' Capacitor Management EM-806 Gives a capacitor capacity boost of 6% SLOT 9: Eifyr and Co. 'Gunslinger' Surgical Strike SS-906 Gives a boost to all turret damage by 6% SLOT 10: Zainou 'Deadeye' Large Hybrid Turret LH-1006 Gives a boost to all large hybrid turret damage by 6% Now, you do you want to run the complete Geno set, because each implant boosts the effectiveness of all other Geno implants. However, if you're a low SP pilot, I would recommend running with +5 implants for now (the improved set). Once you're at the point where you're training gunnery/drone skills to V, then you can start popping those out and replacing them with the Geno set. The other slots are rather self-explanatory, except maybe all of the cap implants. Keep in mind the Optimal Vindi is not cap stable, nor should it be. Cap stable means it deals less DPS. However, this implant set gets it really, really close, to the point that I never broadcast for cap except under Outuni aggro. It's a nice thing to have. These implants are expensive, yes, but keep in mind you can buy these from the Concord LP market, at 250m isk & 250k LP. Furthermore, you get to keep these implants all the way until you are podded. I've had these implants for over 3 years at this point, so they last a very long time. The Tactics Your rivals are the Snipers. You must beat them in every wave. Compete with them, challenge them, as they challenge you to kill all targets before they kill theirs. They may not admit to this rivalry, but it is very real as a DPS pilot. But here's the truth: they don't have to work as hard. You do. But that's where the fun comes in. Here's what you have to do: MOVE. You have a microwarp drive, use it. Any time you're out of range of the anchor or the next spawn, light it up. Get to position. The key difference between a good vindi and a fantastic vindi is positioning. The VVV anchor mostly helps with this, but I actually encourage you to move yourself. Yes, that's right, I'm telling you to unhook yourself from the anchor, and be free my little bird. Or rather, my death-dealing shotgun with wings. Be free. You are free to burn after out-of-range ostingeles, as long as you're in position for the next wave (and within Logi range). When I'm just in fleet, not doing any FC roles, I almost never keep at range on the anchor, and burn to all of the positions myself, burn after the ships myself. Not only will this help with your range, it'll help you learn the positions for the VVV anchor. If the role opens up, then you certainly have the confidence to take up the role. I'm not saying the VVV is a bad thing, I'm just saying the truly good vindi pilots are those who unshackle themselves from the VVV. Edit: As Spudzy pointed out, best if you stick with your anchor if you draw aggro. Now, there are some cases in which you won't apply much DPS by burning to one target, smacking it with void, burning to the next target, smacking it with void, etc. This is where Null comes in. Beginning of TCRC, first wave of NRF, first two rooms of TPPH, I'm running Null. You'll apply way more damage to targets consistently 20km+ out of range. It's only a 5 second reload time, utilize both ranges of ammo where it is applicable. In terms of drones, you should almost always assist them to the VVV (or HHH if there is one). Exception to this is beginning of a TCRC, where the DDD needs those drones to kill schmaeels (only if you have lights/mediums). If you are the VVV, assist your own drones to another random vindicator. Two options as the VVV in what to shoot: Main targets or cruisers. The FC won't mind which and either one is effective. And then let me talk about targets. Here's the deal. If there is an Ostingele tagged 5 that is 60km away, and then an Ostingele tagged 6 that is 20km away, which one should you shoot? Most FCs won't mind if you shoot 6 in this case, because it's obvious that you can apply more DPS. If you're in my fleet, I actually want you to do this. However, keep this within reason. If an Outuni is 30km away and an Osti is right next to you, you should still shoot the Outuni, due to its threat. Conclusion Remember what I said: The snipers are your (friendly) rivals. Don't let them win. Use these tips to give yourself an advantage over the snipers. They're a bunch of lazy brats that complain about cycle times anyway. Seriously though, there is nothing more satisfying than running up to a target, blasting them with void, and watching their shields melt under your power. You'll impress FCs and Logi by drawing aggro all the time, maybe even earn yourself an Aggro Magnet badge in the process. So be free, my death-dealing shotgun with wings, and show the sansha the true meaning of Ridiculous DPS.
  3. WTM Shop - What should I stock?

    Hey there Pax, Loving the site, and this is a kind thing that you're doing for WTM. Nonetheless, just to be on the safe side, could you put "Not affiliated with Warp To Me Incursions" somewhere on there? That way they don't come running to us for anything related to the service Cheers o7
  4. What if............

    I think I read a reddit post about this question a while back. If I recall correctly, two very different things happen depending on if there is air or no air. No air (a vacuum) is quite simple: due to the conservation of energy here, assuming both ends of the hole are equidistant from the center, you can jump in and you'll reach the other end just fine. Forgot the actual calculations for time as it was extremely complex, with the gravitational constant changing as you get closer and closer to the center. Also recall that you'll be going extremely fast, but you need every bit of speed to get to the other end. Best you not touch the walls. With air, you're doomed. You'll hit terminal velocity, which is changing due to difference in atmospheric pressure. Speaking of pressure, you would likely die to the pressure change, drastically crushing you. But let's say you got a supersuit that protects you from this insane pressure. Relatively, as if I were to track your location on a map through the earth, I would see your blip fall closer and closer and closer to the center, move slower and slower and slower, and then... stop. At the center. To you, this isn't really a drastic stop, but eventually you'll feel like you're just floating very slowly along, until, years later, you eventually stop. At the center.
  5. Booster Changes

    Booster Changes Guide What you need to know when flying with us after 15 November 2016 What’s happening? CCP is changing the booster system so that boosting ships (which provide significant buffs to our fleet) must be in the incursion site. In the past, we have placed these ships somewhere random in the system to keep them safe. These boosts provide significant benefits to shield, armor, speed, signature, and web range, all of which are important to running a safe and effective fleet. What’s being done about it? Warp to Me Incursions has established a plan for bringing booster ships on grid. While this increases the risk of loss of boosting capabilities, Warp to Me Incursions already has emergency procedures to handle a loss of boost capability in the middle of a site. All Fleet Commanders and Logistics Masters are trained and required to prove their ability to handle this emergency procedure as part of their promotion to Full Commander. As such, we have a safe and effective plan to continue running incursion sites with these new changes. What do I need to know? As a line pilot, mostly you can continue to do what you’ve been doing all along. You should not notice a significant difference, though you may notice Fleet Commanders issuing instructions slightly differently. Continue to follow FC instructions and everything will be as much fun and as efficient as it has always been. There are, however, some important points to know: Asking for Gate Status – It is important that you are on the gate and ready to activate it at the moment you are told the gate is green. The validity of a “gate is green” call will be a matter of seconds, and the FC will expect you to land on-grid at a certain time so that you can get boosts. If you ask for gate status before you arrive at the gate and then land on-grid a minute later, you are going to miss a boost cycle and will not be eligible for SRP for that duration. This has not changed but it has become even more dangerous than it was before to ask for gate status prematurely. Squad Commanders – In general, squad command positions will be held by Warp to Me Commanders from now on. Please do not take this position on your own, even if it remains empty. However, if you are asked to hold one of these positions, the FC will ask you to add all squad members to your watchlist and report if they are present on gate at each site. Please respond accordingly. Anchoring – Anchor positions have not changed. Battleships are still required to anchor at 5k. It is more critical now than ever that you anchor when requested by the FC. Failing to be at your anchor on-time can result in you missing boosts which can make you ineligible for SRP. Be sure to immediately anchor when you are directed to by the FC. Flying a Booster Ship – At present, booster ships will be restricted to Warp to Me Commanders only. If you would like to help fly one, feel free to apply to be a Fleet Commander or Logistics Master. If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact a commander.
  6. other games???

    \o/ nothing gets in the way of my wednesday night D&D. Surprisingly enough, D&D is on the rise again. Probably due to famous streamers and youtubers doing it all the time because it produces good content. As to answer the original question, I play many games, but my other consistent game is Final Fantasy XIV. You know, that terrible MMO that was rebooted into a better MMO? Got a surge of new players during the WoW drought. Easy learning curve, although getting to max level is a fucking grind, but it's the best endgame I've ever experienced.
  7. Bongiorno


    CANNONBALL What is a Cannonball? A Cannonball is a checkpoint race in Eve. Based on a few films, the spirit remains the same: anything goes. Commonly, our Cannonball events are titled with a number, e.g. CANNONBALL 250. This means it's a race of 250 jumps as the shortest route. What are the rules? Place an X in Local Chat at every checkpoint system. That's it! Obviously, our community rules still apply (Don't be a dick!), but as far as the cannonball goes, that's the only rule to it. How do I know the checkpoints? Once the first pilot reaches a checkpoint, the next checkpoint is revealed. How do I win? If you placed an X in Local Chat at every checkpoint system (in order!), and reached the final system, you have to find the host of the event. First one to be within 2,500m of the host wins! Will we be going through Low/NullSec? For shorter cannonballs (100), the host might be kind and the safest route be as viable as the shortest route. However, for longer ones, expect to go through some nasty systems! What can I fly? If it's not explicitly stated, anything! Interceptors, Strategic Cruisers, Freighters, anything! Are Implants allowed? Yeup, any implants. But be aware you might get podded if you go into Null! Is Jump Cloning allowed? Yeup. Is podding myself allowed? Yeup. So you're saying anything goes as long as I put an X in each checkpoint local? Yeup. ... So I can shoot other participants? Yeup.
  9. Cannonball 250 Coming Soon™

    Since people are questioning what a cannonball is, I wrote a quick FAQ here.
  10. Hello fine ladies and gentlemen of Warp To Me Incursions! We have a new wonderful dev blog that is imperative to our incursion operations: Just as a brief overview, off-grid boosting is going away. What will replace them are these AoE bursts that will buff all nearby fleet ships for a specific duration of time. By no means is this an official announcement in how we will deal with these changes, but rather a presentation of what these changes are, with a bit of math. Edit: As ZzyyzzxX mentioned in his post, here is a link to the feedback forum for the boosting changes: Disclaimer: All numbers are subject to change. The Three Components As I see it, there are 3 components to command bursts: Range, Strength, and Duration. Range is the distance in which ships are affected (ranging anywhere from 15km to 88km), Strength is the burst effective strength of the bonus (e.g. 21.56% buff to resists), and Duration is how long the buff lasts (ranging from 60sec to 130sec). Let's go through these components in detail by calculating what, exactly, we'll be looking at with command ships. If you're wanting validation in my calculations, I'm following the same logic that is currently used to determine bonuses. Check the Eve Uni Wiki on this for more information. If you're into spreadsheets, I went ahead and created a spreadsheet of all calculations. Range Calculation Raw: Range = 15km * SRB * (1+0.06*L) * (1+0.05*WC) * (1+0.04*FC) SRB = Ship Role Bonus L = Leadership Skill Level WC = Wing Command Skill Level FC = Fleet Command Skill Level Max skill levels, we're looking at 58.5km range for command ships (absolute max go to titans, which is a whopping 87.75km). A more reasonable skill level of WC4 is 46.8km. Strength Calculation Raw: Strength = B * T2 * (1+SSB*CSh) * (1+0.1*CSp) * ML B = Base (e.g. 8% effectiveness) T2 = Tech II module (1.25 if so, 1 if not) SSB = Ship Skill Bonus (0.03 for Command Ships) CSh = Command Ship Skill Level CSp = Relevant Command Specialist Skill Level (e.g. Shield Command Specialist) ML = Mind Link (1.25 if so, 1 if not) More variables, more complicated, but mostly the same stuff. Only differences are the variables T2 and ML, which are boolean cases: 1.25 if command burst module is T2, 1.0 if it's T1, likewise for the ML, except you either have it or you don't. Again, max skill levels in a command ship is a 2.695 multiplier to the base. Since most bases are 8%, this would make that 21.56% (as reflected in the article). This is comparative to our current strength for shield resists: 25.9%. So, slight nerf in regards to comparative effectiveness. Duration Calculation Raw: Duration = 60sec * (1+SSB*CSh) * (1+0.1*C) * ML SSB = Ship Skill Bonus (0.03 for Command Ships) CSh = Command Ship Skill Level C = Relevant Command Skill Level (e.g. Shield Command) ML = Mind Link (1.25 if so, 1 if not) Very similar to strength, just a difference of skill: Shield Command instead of Shield Command Specialist, for example. With command ships, max is 129.375 seconds to duration of the buff. Conclusion So, to recap, here are the max numbers we can achieve with our command ships: Range: 58.5km Strength: 2.695 modifier (8% => 21.56%) Duration: 129.375 seconds As this was just a presentation of what the numbers are, we're keeping this post at just that: a presentation. Again, this is by no means an announcement of what we're going to do about the changes, but rest assured, the council is already discussing that. For now, fly safe o7 Foshkey Head of Records & Communications
  11. Oh this change is fantastic in regards to PvP. Not so much for incursions
  12. In short: all unpaid accounts will be in an "alpha" clone state. This state allows training of certain skills (focusing on native racial T1 frigate, destroyer, and cruiser), and will be no more than 5m SP. But, there is no time limit anymore. The other state is "omega" and is no change to how our clones currently are. Seems like a cool system of extending their trial program to borderline free to play.
  13. If they transfer over the no multiboxing functionality they currently have with trial accounts, I don't see this as an issue. If they aren't, then I'd be more concerned about gankers.
  14. Started up a google docs spreadsheet Edit: Done. Let me know if there are any errors.
  15. BOY I'm old enough to be your incursion daddy
  16. SSHHHhhh Real answer: I wanted the discussion to happen in one place and there was already discussion on this post
  17. Ah, just beat me to it. Move all discussion to a similar topic that I started: This topic will be closed.
  18. As we don't have hard numbers on this even currently, there's no specific way to answer this. Though I wouldn't be surprised if it will be a factor in aggression mechanics.
  19. The new kid

    You can ask any questions that you might have in the in-game channel "Warp To Me Incursions". We have a really friendly community that is always willing to help newbros. That being said, you're always free to ask your questions here and we can answer them here as well.
  20. New to Incursion

    In terms of knowing what to do, our Rookie Guide is a good place to start.
  21. Returning Player

    Piggy backing off of what Kimina said, you asking if a nightmare, one of our optimal ships, is acceptable in fleet means you're not going to be a drag in fleet. The value in a line pilot may take their ship as a factor, sure, but the #1 thing that adds to the fleet is your personality. We may not be the fastest nor most efficient, but we're sure as hell the most fun. Give me a fleet of pilots with good attitude flying rokhs, hyps, and maelstroms over a fleet of tryhards in vindis, nightmares, and machs any day. But that's usually not the case; all of our consistent pilots eventually see themselves in an optimal ship. But people stick with us because we're fun to fly with. That's it. Anyway, yes nightmare is perfectly acceptable. Just bring a few jokes to tell to the fleet.
  22. New and wanting to Shoot things

    Yeah, what it really comes down to is preference. As a pilot of all three, I love my Vindicator, nothing more satisfying than being a giant space shotgun. The Nightmare is an excellent mid-range ship, and honestly benefits the most from high skills. And then I know many people who are Machariel enthusiasts, but the cycle time on their guns is far too long for my taste. If you were to ask our two most popular ships, it would be Vindi and Nightmare, easily. But again, it's whatever you prefer. I can only suggest trying them both (or all 3) and see how they fit to your style.
  23. The Short Range DPS Pilot

    Alright I'll do some fun screenshots when I get the chance
  24. That's Just How I Logi

    Hey man, lay off my Kronos, still a great ship to FC from during an influence grind. That's about the only time I ever fly it nowadays.
  25. Entry-Level Logi - "Logistics" Skill is Zero

    So, here's some input from an FC that doesn't want to have anything to do with Logistical talk, and yet has listened in on many, many discussions from years back about this very topic... FCs want one thing from Logis: Consistency. When we start incorporating ships like the Osprey that can rep (and arguably just as well), consistency goes out the window. The thing is Osprey Logi differs so much from the standard Basi and Scimi (3/2 setup, longer lock times, cap chain requirements), that we would have to start putting that in consideration with our required Logi numbers. We are so very strict on what a Logi ship is, to the point that we have an entire department and command core dedicated to that, and that doesn't go without reason. Fleet safety is a very, very big thing that has been hardened to fucking bedrock by Logi Masters over the past years, and when we start talking about ships outside of the standard Basi/Scimi, you're pounding your fist against this bedrock. Absolutely everything about this ship has been analyzed under an electron microscope, and it has yet to set foot in the SRP realm, for reasons that I can not entirely list because I've forgotten them, but I trust the many, many Logi Masters that have made those decisions. And about the 0/5 Osprey, it's unnecessary. We have the standard 0/6 basi, but that's rarely used. Logi Masters have the 3/3 basi card that is commonly used if they have a concern about combat caps. But here's the thing: When an FC says "We don't have enough combat caps to take this site", it means that there are other options in system, and would rather do those. An FC will never stand down a fleet due to insufficient combat caps. While we "require" 2 combat caps for a TPPH, it's absolutely doable with 0, it's just a change of tagging. Our ships are designed to tank the final Outuni wave without hardeners, just as long as all the other waves are dead (no pushing waves). Hell, I've done NRFs and TCRCs with 0 combat caps. I wouldn't necessarily recommend them unless you're absolutely sure you know what you're doing, but bottom line: an FC will not stand down due to insufficient combat caps. There are always options in that regard, and a 0/5 Osprey isn't one of them. Edit: I don't mean to take an axe to this suggestion, I love suggestions to what we're doing. I'm providing input to what has been discussed so many times before.