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  1. Selling Upwell Structures

    Contract received thank you
  2. Selling Upwell Structures

    I'll buy the raitaru off of you. Contract it to Michael Crusher in game
  3. Sandbagging, what is it and why can I get banned?

    Yep! This is sandbagging!
  4. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    Fallout 76? I haven't heard of that game in months. I've just recently gotten into COD Warzone myself. Gives me something to do and scream (slightly exaggerated) at other than fleet members who don't broadcast on time lol
  5. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    I've played Osu before. It's on my desktop. But I don't play it anymore. Too much clicking.
  6. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    Heavily modded Minecraft? Like how modded are we talking here? Huge fantasy mod pack? Space themed? Industry themed? I personally like to play a space themed Minecraft mod pack myself.
  7. Interested in Seeing What Others Play

    As the title states, I'm interested in seeing what other kinds of games people play in this community. For example, I play Counter Strike Global Offensive (CSGO), Overwatch, Star Trek Online, Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege, SWTOR, and Eve Online of course. Seemed to be a good idea for a first forum post - Michael