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  1. back...maybe

    lol most people don't. sparta would remember me. i see some of the fittings have changed not a big deal. wife and i need to get reacquainted with this game before i go out and try to run incursions tho. i miss them and the communities around them.
  2. back...maybe

    Oh wow. i don't even recognize most of the names of people now in this channel. i used to be a big wtm logi, mach pilot, NM pilot person back in the dizzle but took a substantial break and may be coming back but not sure yet. soooo much has changed. i wanted to drop in and say hello to anyone who recognized me.
  3. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    nrfs aren't scary at all unless you have 5 logi and are nearing the outuni wave, which can be dealt with in different ways depending on factors. i understand this is a training community, but the ships and skill levels of the pilots haven't devolved since back when i was an FC they've actually gotten better. 5 logi is enough to do the first 3 waves fine as long as you know your logi squad (know if they've been sluggish or distracted)-- this of course means the fc being more aware of that kind of thing etc. but my thoughts i admit are based on older times which i dont' know whether they translate to current wtm or not. it is true the waitlist is a whole new meta that wasn't around back in the day, but at the same time i imagine it saves some time having it if its even slightly faster than having to scan through the x ups in local. the fleets i ran then were late night (12-3am EST) and we were always struggling to fill fleet and i never had an assistant and had to do x ups, tagging, commands etc so multitasking came natural. now i would need to see the wl manager on that to be able to get an idea of how easy it is or not and obviously since i'm not an fc (not saying i won't be again just saying not at the time of this thread) i can't get a feel for it. -1s are indeed something to be mindful of, and i know some are better at keeping up with those than others. i was just saying that there are some fcs that wait moments even minutes after the site dies before choosing the next site, and that does slow down things. at the end of the day though, some fcs will be faster than others, some more strict than others, even comms may differ between fcs. tis part of the community instead of a military operation i guess. things arent bad at the moment as far as site exit/entry, they've gotten better. but the easiest thing in relation to how to speed up fleets is entry/exit without needing to be selective with fleet comp, ship doctrine, or comm control (battle comms). each FC is different, run your shift how you see fit things have been improving overall which is always good.
  4. Fleet Efficiency - suggestions -

    speed. if there's one thing i remember about running fleets (back in the day as the kids say), it was the wait times on gates and the times to get out of site. if you ready the align with a few ships left before site payout, remembering to state it is an align clearly so that people don't leroy out of their payouts, and then be aware of the logi you have on the next gate, you can just pop on in and fill as the site progresses. the exception to this would be a tcrc when you need to be sure your mtac is present, ddd is present, and appropriate logistics are on gate with you and awake. the quicker you get in and out of sites the times it takes to finish those sites seem faster. at least from my POV it does. last time i FC'd and it was a couple of years ago, WTM didn't have the standards as high as they are now, so it might go a long way to work on those in and out times because that goes a long way to improving efficiency without needing the fleet to be the best-fit.
  5. badges

    alrighty... i'll be more present in a couple months i'm going through a job change and a move to a new place. i'm looking forward to taking a more active role
  6. badges

    say, i was looking at the badges/awards and i probably qualify for dozens of them lol. so, how do i get those. i know i jump back and forth between tvp and wtm, but i have been considering FC'ing again when i get my new job in a few months. But firstly i was wondering how to get those badges/awards. i used to qualify for dual logi but that's no longer applicable because my second logi toon is now in the same account as nara
  7. other games???

    i approve i miss d&d
  8. What do you do when you don't run incursions?

    I like to take long walks on the beach and eat small children