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  1. New and wanting to Shoot things

    We have guides for pretty much everything here, so check it out.
  2. New and wanting to Shoot things

    An important thing to consider between the Vindicator and the sniper ships, while the sniper ships have less ammo cost, the Vindicator way outshines most other ships in terms of DPS. We need both Snipers and Vindicators in fleet, but we need 20 DPS ships (Vindis) compared to 10 Snipers (Mach, Nightmare). If you think that Vindis use too much ammo and it costs too much, you can always train for T2 guns and you have a comparable, if slightly higher ammo cost than Nightmares, because Crystals are quite a lot more expensive than Hybrid T2 ammo, even if it takes a while to break them. While Machariels have the lowest ammo usage, their DPS and application lands them on the third place, behind Vindi and Nightmare. They have uses however, being fast. They do excellent when having to do either the Sniper Anchor or MTAC role. Check our guides for these roles if you want.