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  1. Warp to Me 6th Anniversary

    @Alkofistyou Just fly with us already, we haven't seen you in forever!
  2. What do you do when you don't run incursions?

    Mine ice for citadel upkeep, otherwise I ship spin in my Orca just out of my citadel and bask in its glory and beauty.
  3. Nightmare or a Nestor :3

    Surprised nobody mentioned this: the Nestor has a ship maintenance bay, which allows people to refit their ships in space. One BIG reason Nestors are never allowed in our fleets unless it's a Fun Fleet. Anyway, welcome to WTM, the Nightmare is a beautiful ship that shoots good lazors <3
  4. Yet another Newbro saying Hi

    Haiiiii Welcome to WTM, we love newbros because without newbros any community eventually dies off You'll see me in a Nightmare or Basi most often, and sometimes Vindi if I feel like webbing stuff down. Hope you have fun! <3
  5. Incursions! And me, new to Incursions.

    Haiiiii Welcome to WTM, we tend to be more accepting than TVP. I hope you like it here, I've been flying with this community for a year and I sure like it <3
  6. other games???

    World of Tanks World of Warships pyfa P.S. If anybody plays the two games above excluding pyfa, gimme a heads up and add RaptorNT as your buddy.
  7. newbro here

    Nightmare masterraceeeeeee Welcome to WTM <3
  8. Darn it Bruce, you know what I mean
  9. Gonna keep it short, if it comes to a vote I'm definitely FOR this proposal. Because, let's be honest, there's no other mod that fits on a high slot that's as useful to the fleet as a cap xfer. No, remote armor/hull reps don't count. Snipers aren't logi.
  10. Why I fly with WarpToMe

    Why do I fly with WTM? Goes back to May, when my main toon was only two months old and the one way I knew how to make isk was... well, mining. I was introduced to WTM by this guy named Phunctured, albeit with a dizzy mix of alphabets and numbers. '3' for 'E' and such. I entered the channel, with no idea what I was doing. Figures, I was only two months old. Fortunately I was a ship nerd so I could fly Gallente battleships and fit T2 tank mods, started off by giving the channel a fit that I got from the fittings website. Ferris Vuld helped me out greatly, basically got me ready to rock and roll. And then, I did NOT read the rookie guide, just checked the most basic stuff like how to reload the MOTD and stuff, then jumped in. Sovereign Enterprise was my first-ever FC, and he was very patient with me, walked me through the details. Thanks to him I was able to run well enough in a few sites. I still feel nostalgic and grateful whenever I see Ferris and Sovereign around. Then during the summer break, I ran virtually every day, earned a ton of isk, and enjoyed the game. Even then I was still wondering if I'd be able to earn more by switching to TVP, being the isk addict that I was. Was just waiting until September, which would be when my character turned 6 months old. I got an invitation in September, actually. From a legit TVP dude, I think. But then I was so immersed in the WTM community that I didn't really want to have to start making new friends all over again. WTM earned me money, but it also gave me fun. Fleet chat was always entertaining, the FCs were both friendly and douchy(lol), and the people were so fun to hang with. Now I carry a Nightmare and a Vindi along with a rookie fit Rokh in my Bowhead. The first two for myself, the third for any corpmates who want to run but do not have the isk to fit a ship. And I've officially enrolled in the Training FC program, which I know will be a whole new experience for me. I've mined, I've huffed gas in wormholes, I've died in nullsec, I've done PI, I've dipped my toe in industry, I've had wars... but this is the biggest-yet turning point for me. Who'd have thought a rookie like me, not even a year old, would jump in to run as an FC for a fleet of people much more experienced in the game than he is. But I've been given so much by the WTM community that I now want to give some back. Looking forward to reminding people to PLEASE PAY SRP when I'm running as FC