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  1. Why I fly with WarpToMe

    I love the diversity. I've been with WTM during two incursions now and made just short of 3 bill. - so a decent enough amount of hours to experience how versatile the fleets can be. Some fleets are very effective, cutting through the sites like a knife through soft butter. Some are not. Some fleets are very quiet and uneventful. Some fleets are a lot of fun with talkative people and jokes on comms. Some fleets are very exciting with some close calls and perhaps a leeroy or two. Some FC's are strict - others more relaxed. Logi can be very effective and you never worry about a thing. Sometimes it gets more exciting and you start wondering at 50 % shields if logi noticed your broadcast or you have to scream for attention over comms. Sometimes AAA drifts off by 100 Km because he forgot to stop his ship while paying attention to the all important shield broadcasts, and all logi is suddenly out of range - and it's funny as long as nobody looses their ship. Sometimes VVV is in the completely wrong spot and FC gets all the aggro - and we just joke about it. Once a new guy made a mistake and lost his 800 mill. logi ship and didn't have enough ISK to replace it. People in fleet gave him money for a new one. So in short, even if incursions basically is grinding for ISK, the versatility of WTM fleets keeps it interesting. As well as the people in them.