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  1. Old logi pilot wondering what’s up with the Basi?

    Recebos got moved over to the Command Ships. Making the basi cap stable means we need less of them and removing the cap chain removes a frequent fail point in fleet. And with marauders the basi just flat out isn't taking significant aggro.
  2. Third Room of a TPPH, aim for under the sniper anchor a bit below the tower: For NRF, under the middle of the three mushrooms. Once Aggro establishes on 4th wave move to the booster:
  3. I want to help

    Step 1, be an exemplary line pilot. Step 2, apply to be a R badge Application can be found in WTM MOTD
  4. Upgrade policy

    That's also assuming that you're as low as 150m per hour. Most of the fleets I've seen benchmarks on lately have been above 200m per hour. And they're above 200m per hour BECAUSE we require upgrades. Otherwise we get pushed out of sites and don't make ISK for anyone.
  5. Saturday Logi School

    FC School is our Resident and Training FC programs. You can apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe1MVI62AWsNjTMub3Se1cHKkb78Jk71iIyo_d3htNTxoedvw/viewform
  6. Leshak Retired

    The Leshak is being retired as an allowed battleship effective the end of the next spawn.
  7. Hyperion or Nightmare to start with?

    The answer used to be scimi because cap chains made the basi harder to fly. But with the fit we're using now, if you're Logi 5 the basi is actually the easier choice now. But only marginally so. So fly the one you are more skilled in. But only fly the basi if you're logi 5.
  8. The fit changed to improve our quality of life. The payment for this improvement is that we are ALL NOW MTACs. Please read the MTAC guide listed below. Please do the thing EVERY TCRC ALWAYS! If you cannot handle this find something else to fly.
  9. That literally cannot happen. MTAC spawns every minute and a half. Tower needs new MTAC every two minutes. If someone drops every time it spawns it will never rep. And the experience has been lately that if all the NMs don't go over there and do it no one does it.
  10. Scorpion Navy issue Useable?

    OMG can we quit revisiting this? We're not going to use Scorp Navy Issues. And we don't need to recycle the discussion every few months. This thread died it's natural death last year.
  11. Proposal: Kronos and Vargur Drones

    Yeah, Hammerheads get munched on. Also, Xo, you know that this isn't how proposals work...
  12. Returning Player and Incursioner

    No waitlist tonight. Focus went down about an hour ago so we're waiting for new spawn.
  13. Returning Player and Incursioner

    Logi is lacking some in USTZ but otherwise fairly healthy. What we tend to be lowest on right now is Nightmares. We now use both Pulse and Beam Nightmares. Check the fitting website for details.
  14. Nightmarechat MOTD

    Yes, we have a nightmare chat, and all nightmares should be in it to arrange cap transfers. It is in the fleet MOTD.
  15. Daminion and I lost our partner this week, in game Abel Osito. Our NPSI group, Friday Yarrrr, will be holding a memorial fleet on Friday starting at 23:30. Details for the fleet written up by our group's co-founder for me are below. If you wish to join you can find our in game channel at Friday Yarrrr, with four rs. Dear Lovers of the Purple: This week, we in Hidden Flame have lost one of our own, Abel Osito, so this week's Friday YARRRRR! will be a fleet in Abel's memory. Since Abel was not a particularly blood thirsty pirate (too laid back for that), rather than having a FFA or some other battle to the death, we are going to go for a flashy light show. In order for everyone to be able to participate, we're going to keep the ship very simple: Ball of Light If you feel like bringing something shinier, feel free to do so, but it MUST have a cyno field generator of some type and no turrets or missile launchers, just lots of festival launchers. And your cargo hold should be full of ozone and fireworks. The only exception to this for the fleet will be a single scout, a single dictor, and a single self-repped tanky tackle (because we will make people see the light if we can). We shall wander the spaceways of New Eden, lighting up the sky until death comes, which it inevitably will, to all of us. If death comes to us more rapidly than usual, we will reship in Jita into a Retri fleet. Meet in Jita at 23:30. Empty clones are advised. -Coaxster
  16. Memorial Fleet - NOT A WTM FLEET

    Thank you all for your support. The fleet went well. We were able to light cynos in three places, including Thera, before our ammo truck got stuck away from us and Brave, with permission, sent us into one last ball of light.
  17. Memorial Fleet - NOT A WTM FLEET

    Thank you guys. When you get them there, please contract to Coaxster. He's organizing this for me.
  18. Memorial Fleet - NOT A WTM FLEET

    I appreciate but we don't really have a way to get them there.
  19. I´m the (really) new one

    No. It's helpful if you're going to fly logi and I'd suggest getting in on the next available one, but it is not required prior to xing up.
  20. niki's shop

    Eve players don't have souls.
  21. Wait List Manager / Fits

    Have you tried using a different browser?
  22. EDENCOM Ships

    We've been analyzing it for PVP and can't come up with any way to make it work because it will hit fleetmates. You just can't space an attacking fleet out well enough to avoid friendly fire, which you get anywhere your safeties aren't green. Maybe High Sec PVE like for Invasions, but it's a pretty limited ship.
  23. Newbro Question: Is this fit acceptable?

    We can't see what the individual modules are on a screen shot but your EM is too low. Our fitting information is here: https://wl.warptome.net/fits/
  24. Rookie guide / Fits suggestion

    Drones operate on your skills, not the drone bunny's skill.
  25. Dude, whenever there's scouts available we're already using them, including sending each other d-scans of the opposing fleets. It is very rare for me to be in fleet and not have my scout up, basically only happens when both NGA and TDF are down. We're just doing the talking about it on command coms and in FC chat so the line members don't always see it.