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  1. Project Infinite - WTM Free Fleet Supplies

    Also 'Antipharmakon Thureo' is bonus reps. 'Agency 'Hardshell' TB5 Dose II' same... annnd... Im just getting back into the game so alot of these are new to me, so if Im looking dumb just let me know, lol.
  2. Project Infinite - WTM Free Fleet Supplies

    Any drug love for logi? Im not sure if the potential tradeoff on sig for buffer is worth it, but was just an idea.
  3. Train Logi!

    TRAINED! Oh and HI!!! Im baaaaack.
  4. Why I fly with WarpToMe

    Why do I fly with WTM? You all let me get away with shit that no other community would deal with because its "my thing". Been here a longtime, seen alot of the newer (and even some of the "older") FCs come up through the FC program, been in a few of their practicals and generally have a blast here. There have been times where Ive stepped over the bounds but I generally know my limits and that seems to be ok with most FCs. Also the isk. Yeah, the isk is a big part too.
  5. Sandman Retirement Fun Fleet

  6. Sandman Retirement Fun Fleet

    Vexor Navy getting concorded again to win a plex confirmed. Ill be there sand the man.