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  1. I've been banned from WTM?

    Assuming your IGN is Wid0wmaker, neither you nor your corp is banned from WTM. Not sure about your previous corps, there's too many in too short a time frame for me to check them all, and that wouldn't matter regardless.
  2. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    3 basis, 6 scimitars, max vindis and nightmares. I don't care what you say, machariels are shit and outclassed in nearly every way by a nightmare. The only time they're better is mtac, because they actually fit MWD's.
  3. Hello everyone! I am back playing EVE

    Oh hey, you were my first FC back when I started haha.
  4. Warp speed implants?

    Yeah at least I don't have to be worried about being killed by thrashers, and it has a semi-decent cargo bay.
  5. Warp speed implants?

    Dropping the Omega for a WS-615/618 drops the price down considerably for not much loss in performance. For sure though, they don't really do much while running the incursions themselves, except for making sure you're the first one on grid and getting hit all the time. But they are nice for moving around New Eden, who can say no to a 19.2 au/s travelceptor?