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  1. I spend more time not running incursions than I do actually running them. The big one for me is combat exploration mostly in low sec. I'm also standing up a new home defense initiative in my little low sec pocket as we've gotten more hostile groups moving in next door.
  2. TCRC ganks

    The two biggest things that get people killed in a gank are: 1) FC hesitating or not being decisive with a decision. 2) Fleet members not listening to the FC There are several valid strategies to overcome gankers. Choose one you feel confident with and use that (but don't send the AAA in without support because the site will be preloaded and you've just sent them in to die). One of the benefits of having everyone align down gates as soon as they come out of warp is that it not only runs sites faster, but it gives them a more immediate bail-out plan. You see gankers coming out of warp just call *everyone* in to the site and your logi should be in warp before the gankers have a chance to lock. Then just make everyone immediately burn off the beacon. Edit: The less time you spend on gates/beacons the less opportunities gankers have
  3. WTM Advert for In-Station

    Could you imagine if we had enough people to CONSTANTLY run 2x fleets?
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/4ictsq/charity_citadel_project_update_1/ Looks interesting.
  5. WTM Advert for In-Station

    I would share a quality youtube video advert for WTM around ALL OVER THE PLACE
  6. WTM Advert for In-Station

    Because this is a public forum for our community not a closed forum for FCs to discuss proposals. I also strongly believe that like alliance logos these billboard adverts will be open to having submissions. Fostering community interaction and creativity is good. Closing topics that aren't out of hand or clearly need to be moderated is bad.
  7. WTM Advert for In-Station

    This isn't a proposal, it's a discussion. No need to close a topic because CCP ended a contest. Un-closed
  8. WTM Advert for In-Station

    I have to believe that they will eventually have a process to get new adverts in stations. Even if it's not a contest..... 4 adverts on loop will get old fast.
  9. hi

    oh, hello
  10. Now that Citadel release is live and we have adverts in station, who has that video magic and can create a WTM advert?! Does anyone else think it would be awesome to see that?
  11. Incursion Anchors Rejoice!

  12. Share your stories about why you love WTM and why you fly with us! I'll start: I was a few months into the game and one day I logged in to a new chat channel saying some scary stuff about how CONCORD can't protect me. Being the good capsuleer that I am, I offered my (mostly) T1 fit scythe for the good of the cause. Instead of being laughed at someone from WTM helped me refit my mission ship (a Maelstrom) and get into fleet. Everyone was super helpful explaining the acronyms and that I was supposed to be shooting letter tags instead of numbers. I made a boatload of ISK and it was the largest fleet I had ever been a part of. I was hooked! Fast forward a bit and now I'm an FC inviting new folks from local and helping them out. I have the skills and shiny to fly with pretty much any community I please, but I stick with WTM because of the PILOTS and the atmosphere. I'm here to help new folks and have a fun fleet and I plan on sticking around for a while! What's your story? Rykki (The bestest FC ever.... just don't tell the others, they'll get jealous)