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  1. First time logi - time to transition from missions?

    Thanks Izumi - that was an amazing and helpful response. One of the many reasons I'm looking forward to flying with you all. I am going to play it safe and not try to fly in fleet until I've done a Logi School session. It's probably safer for everyone that way. Other than that, I just need to adjust my audible alarm threshold from mission-appropriate to incursion-appropriate. Hopefully see you all soon!
  2. Howdy - RL and kids' schedules got the better of me last year; returned to Eve recently. My intention after attending the next Logi school (not sure when that is; signed up on the mailing list) is to start doing Logi for fleets during the U.S. daytime weekday hours. Looking forward to flying with you all. How should I plan the transition when it comes to relocating from Osmon, switching clones to my Logi implants, etc? In other words, if it's 12pm and I'm in my mission clone in Osmon, do I switch clones, bring my Scimi to the dock-up station, and then wait an unknown amount of time? I'm totally fine with this - I just don't know if I should hope to be playing 30 minutes later or 2-3 hours later. Also, what are the chances if I asked politely that I could be allowed to listen in to active fleet ops on TeamSpeak, just so I can get a feel for what to expect? I don't have a mic, and I wouldn't mind if I was muted. Was just hoping to listen in for 15-20 minutes. FWIW, I've read both the Rookie Guide and Logi Rookie Guide, and have done my best to set up everything in accordance. Right now I'll be using the Scimi V Minimum fit, and using incursion isk to transition to Scimi V optimal asap. My eveboard sheet if anyone is concerned about skills: Thanks a bunch!