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  1. Disconnect question

    When you come back, let the FC know what happened and they should send you a new invite or work to get you the next available spot in fleet.
  2. Newbro looking to join

    We do occasionally run vanguards, but that is typically only if we can't run HQ sites for what ever reason. We welcome new bros so if you have a nightmare fit that meets our requirements feel free to come join us and earn the isk to make it shiny with us.
  3. What if............

    Why climb when gravity will toss.
  4. What if............

    Didn't we run through this whole thing on slack a few months ago? Like the point was brought up about if the earth hollow or if the mass was just redistributed across the surface thus preserving the earth's total mass. I swear we arrived at bobbing in and out of the hole only losing energy to air friction.
  5. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    Its all about that tracking
  6. Ideal Fleet Composition?

    Scrubb, optimal is Acolyte drones.
  7. There is also the guardian but I think that's the only other one
  8. Yes a scimitar is easier, especially if you're learning since it's basically orbit and rep people. Now that's not so basi's are hard but there is an extra few things to manage.
  9. Hey, welcome to the wonderful world of logi. The logi school I mentioned is something one of our LM's run to tech new people how we run things. If you join the in game channel Warp-to Logi, not 100% on that name, the next scheduled logi school will be in the MOTD. The logi chat is also listed in Warp To Me local's MOTD as well if that channel name was wrong. Welcome and I hope to see you in fleet soon.
  10. OH by all means give Foshkey shit, he just got here so we have to haze him a bit. He's one of our newer members.
  11. Ignore us, we're just giving each other shit. We dont mean any offence by what we say.
  12. I heard this is just a cheap knock off of a better thread started by a line member that Foshkey is just trying to bury to make it seem like he has good Ideas
  13. That's Just How I Logi

    There is an LC guide in the works, just waiting on one of our departments to review and publish it.