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  1. you can do other things in eve other than incursions?
  2. WTM Advert for In-Station

    I think, at the weekends, we have enough of a player base to run 2 fleets. At least in the UK and US time zones. Issue in the week is the amount of fc badges. IRL is more important than getting two fleets up and running, in my opinion. If you want to get more fleets, push adverts in wtm local about joining the fc program. I guess the station add would help for weekday population...
  3. WTM Advert for In-Station

    Do we really need an advert? I mean... People are attracted to us naturally through being Newbro friendly and having fleets in all time zones... Can you imagine the wl if there was an advert I'm every station for wtm? Haha