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  1. Cannonball 250 Coming Soon™

    Ty Kimina Tanai . Last year i won the logi masters pack which included a set of corpse's so this year imma drag sandman logan3's year old smelling corpse around with me! This year the gloves are off i want 1st!
  2. Cannonball 250 Coming Soon™

    also do we have to finish in the same ship we started in or just the same class of ship as we started? like if i bring a drake and try to finish in a orca (apart from losing) will i be disquilified? and is death death out of the race?
  3. Cannonball 250 Coming Soon™

    Any ship hull?... intresting so i take it you will be setting up traps to stop everyone just going in leopards? im totally in, picked up 2nd last time and aim'ing for 1st